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D'Addario-XS Series
D'Addario XS Strings

D’Addario XS breathes new life into coated strings. Every wound string has an innovative ultra-thin film coating and the plain steel strings have a unique polymer treatment - offering the highest level of protection for maximum life as well as an incredibly smooth feel.

What are the benefits?

Complete protection from contaminants
The innovative ultra-thin film is 10x thinner than a human hair - wound and fused over the string windings, it allows them to be completely protected from contaminants which means lasting tone, maximum life, and a smooth and comfortable feel.

Incredible strength and durability
The premium high carbon steel hex core is made of NY steel - processed in D’Addario’s exclusive facility in Farmingdale, NY. It allows the wrap wire to grip the core for enhanced durability, dimensional stability, and precise intonation.

Maximum tuning stability
D’Addario’s proprietary Fusion Twist technology prevents slack in the twist from detuning the string, providing maximum tuning stability and higher break strength for D’addario’s premium plain steel strings.

Made to exact specs
D’Addario’s in house wire drawing machines produce musical instrument wire to our exact specifications. Control over materials, equipment, and quality allow them to deliver high-performance products.

Less acoustic damping
Delivers the true and pure iconic D’Addario tone

Recyclable packaging
XS strings will have 100% recyclable packaging, including the premium re-sealable VCI bag.

What strings are in the range?

Acoustic Strings
Extra Light, 10-47
Custom Light, 11-52
Light, 12-53
Medium, 13-56

12-String Acoustic Strings
Light, 10-47

Mandolin Strings
Medium, 11-40


Player’s Circle members can get access to the following limited edition packs:

XS Upgrade Pack
Includes a “Welcome To XS” letter from Jim D’Addario, a brand-new set of XS strings, limited edition XS foil picks, and a white Pro-Winder. These kits are exclusively available to Players Circle members & limited to 100 units across all gauges.

XS Launch Pack
Includes a brand-new set of XS strings, a “Welcome To XS” letter from Jim D’Addario, and limited edition XS foil picks. These packs are exclusively available to Players Circle members & limited to 500 units across all gauges.


D'Addario-XS Series