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Impact pads hold a whole host of different qualities that assist in your drumming experience and alter your sound. An impact pad also protects the centre of your bass drum head and prevents your chosen beater from damaging the head of your drum. Created in the USA, Danmar's percussion products brim with quality and the Double Bass Drum Impact Pads are no different! What makes these impact pads a cut above the rest, well they have some pretty cool designs that add that little bit of edge to your kit, all in the classic Danmar style. Like this impact pad from Danmar, most impact pads come with an adhesive backing for easy application to your bass drum, it should be applied to the area where the beater(s) hit the head of the bass drum. It is beyond simple to apply and once you have you can play in the knowledge your bass drum has an extra layer of protection, in turn creating longevity for your kit! There are four designs available to choose from including, Flame, Stars, Iron Cross and Skull.