3. DIAGO

Diago Tourman Pedal Board (EX-DEMO)

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Product discontinued

This item has been opened and used on display in our store. It comes with a full warranty and manual. Please note the box may not be in 'new' condition. A Diago Pedal Board is the most convenient way to organise, protect and transport your effects pedals. It combines a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making it ideal for transporting your gear between home, gigs and practices. It makes set-up and take-down quick and easy, and is great for storing your pedals at home. Undo the catches, remove the lid, plug in your guitar, amp and power supply and you're ready to rock and roll. Easy!

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  • Internal Width 1020mm, 40"
  • Internal Depth 450mm, 17¾"
  • Internal Height 100mm, 4"
  • How ManyBoss Sized Pedals? up to 30!
  • Ideal for Crazy Pedal Heads!
  • Weight 10kg
  • How much Velcro is included? 3m, 10ft

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