DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro (EX-DEMO)

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Product discontinued

Ex-demo unit in great condition

The Digitech Vocalist Live Pro Rackmount Vocal Harmony Effects Processor. Generate live multi-part vocal harmonies accompanied by your keyboard or guitar.

Any song that has the same note sung over two different chords confound conventional harmonizers.

The Vocalist Live Pro is smarter than that. The Vocalist Live Pro is a rack processor based on the Vocalist Live 4 that includes a MIDI interface that works with keyboards as well as guitars. Utilizing the patent-pending musIQ - technology combining the latest Note Detection algorithms with state-of-the-art Harmony Generation - and the raw power of AudioDNA2, the Vocalist Live Pro can create real-time harmonies with your live voice that are in key and perfectly on pitch.

With all that processing power, Digitech were able to pack it full of other features as well, including world-class Lexicon Reverbs, Soundcraft low-noise studio-grade mic preamp, real-time pitch correction for each voice, individual persona and gender selection per voice, configurable outputs, tuner, 99 user factory presets and more. Plus, it's available with a fully assignable optional foot switch and expression pedal so you get reall time control and kick in the harmonies at just the right moment.

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