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DW 3 Drumsticks 7A

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3 Drumsticks is born from the desire to create more advanced, drummer-friendly products. It's simply part of the Drum Workshop philosophy; a fresh idea can oftentimes reshape the way we look at something as familiar as a drumstick.

So when we decided to make sticks, we took our 35 years of experience as one of the world's leading drum, pedal and hardware manufacturers and applied it to creating a revolutionary new concept in the marketplace. The result is 3 Drumsticks.

Interestingly enough, the initial inspiration for offering sticks as sets rather than traditional pairs was secondary. Our primary focus was on making the highest-quality all-hickory drumstick available today, and to do so meant we had to invest our resources in some very advanced and proprietary quality control equipment. Our years of working with wood told us that we'd have to match sticks by weight and also check them for straightness, but as we delved deeper, we decided to pitch match them for consistency, and also do something no other manufacturer had done before, balance match them. In this way, we could determine whether the stick would be heavier in the front or back. After all, holding a drumstick and playing drums is all about balance. When it was all said and done, we had developed a rather precise four-step matching process. After that, we decided to take it one step further and actually print the results of that process on each stick. This was also rather unconventional, but proof positive that we'd done our job.

Once we'd decided to go the extra mile to match each set we wondered what would happen with the harder hitting players that often break sticks. Sure, our sticks are made from the highest-grade U.S. hickory, but we knew that some drummers can really dish out the abuse. So, we decided to throw in a spare. After all, you wouldn't leave the house without a spare tire on your car, would you?

Our final challenge was to decide on the feel of the stick. Should we go with a high gloss lacquer or a completely raw, unfinished stick? Knowing drummers are serious about feel and that their musical creativity is translated from stick to drumset, we developed a special priming and lacquering process that completely seals the stick while still achieving an extremely natural feel.

The best part is that we do it all in our very own factory in Ensenada, Mexico. We're in control of design, manufacturing and quality every step of the way. Add to that exceptional value and a groundbreaking new technology and you have 3 Drumsticks. Once you play a set of 3 Drumsticks we think you'll agree, three is the new pair.

3drumsticks: A new concept in stick technology.

For the first time ever, drummers now get a set of 3 sticks instead of two. This means there's an extra pro-quality, perfectly matched drumsticks always there. No matter what type of music, 3drumsticks provide the balance, feel and performance to get the job done in the studio or on stage. Best of all, each stick is rigorously tested four ways:

Laser Tested for Straightness
Weight Matched
Pitch Matched
Balance Matched

After testing each stick is printed with its unique characteristics, right on the stick. This is proof positive that every stick has been properly matched as a set. So why go to such great lengths to ensure quality? Because when you make serious, professional quality sticks, you want the world to know it.

We measure quality one stick at a time. Right in our very own factory.

It's the only way we can insure every set of 3drumsticks is the best it can be. It all starts with the wood. Each stick is born from only the finest hand-selected U.S. hickory, and only wood that meets our strict moisture content standards makes the cut. From there, wood dowels are lathed to exacting specifications and undergo a three-step sanding process. Once sanded smooth, they are primed and finished with our proprietary satin-lacquer process. The result is a natural feel that most drummers prefer.

3 Drumsticks are available in today's most popular sizes.

7A, 5A, 5B and 2B. Each size is then offered in a choice of four distinct tip choices. Olive, Acorn, Ball and Nylon. Go with the Olive tip for a versatile drum and cymbal sound in almost any playing situation, or choose the Acorn or Ball tip for added articulation. Or, try Nylon for even brighter textures. No matter what your prefrence, there's a 3 stick for you.

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  • Laser Tested for Straightness
  • Weight Matched
  • Pitch Matched
  • Balance Matched

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