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DW 7000 Series 7002 Twin Pedal

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Product discontinued

7000 Bass Drum Pedals come in single and double pedal models, both with sturdy steel base plates. 7000 Series Bass Drum Pedals are newly upgraded with the Double-Chain Turbo Sprocket and come standard with the Two-Way 101 Beater. The Slotted Stroke Adjustment allows infinite beater angle adjustment and the ball-bearing rocker reduces friction. Double Pedals feature a single post casting, allowing for easy movement between the left side of the double pedal and hi-hat. The Dual Adjustable Toe Clamp can be fine-tuned for any bass drum counterhoop width.

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  • Double-Chain Turbo Sprocket
  • Two-Way 101 Beater
  • Slotted Stroke Adjustment
  • Dual Adjustable Toe Clamp

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