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Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster

The Fender Custom Shop, founded in 1987, strives to re-create these original Golden-Era Fender Straps in every exact detail. Many believe that the quality of the instruments made in the Custom Shop today rival the quality from the Golden Era, so if you're looking for something off-the-peg, something bespoke, or something extra special and unique, then you've come to the right place. Let the Guitar department at GAK walk you through what we have in our Selection, spec up a bespoke Teambuilt Strat built to your specifications, or create a one-off Masterbuilt guitar built exactly the way you want it. The quality and playability of these instruments is second to none.

The 1954 Stratocaster has a contoured ash body, two-color sunburst finish, thin "spaghetti" peghead decal logo, and no patent numbers. "Small" peghead, round string tree, truss rod adjusts at butt. Neck attaches with 4 bolts and a metal neckplate. Serial number on neck plate, except April to May 1954 models on back tremolo plate. Neck is 1 piece of maple with black dot position markers. Walnut "skunk stripe" down back of neck where truss rod was installed. Single layer, white vinyl pickguard with 8 attachment screws. A small aluminum shielding plate is installed underneath the pickguard that covers the control cavity. White "bakelite" plastic knobs and pickup covers. Steel 2 piece tremolo, with 6 adjustable saddles. Each nickel plated saddle is stamped "Fender Pat Pend". Also available without tremolo on the "hardtail" model.

In the latter half of 1956 alder replaces ash, a rectangle string tree replaces round string tree. Spring 1957, vinyl plastic knobs and pickup covers replace "bakelite" and in 1958 the sunburst finish changed to three colors when red was added. Many Strat fans are drawn to the 1959 Statocaster, where a Slab Rosewood fingerboard with white "clay" position dots. Celluloid "mint green" three layer pickguard, with 11 attachment screws (some 1959 transitional models have only 9 or 10 screws). Also a thin aluminum shield the size of the pickguard is installed underneath the pickguard. The '59 Strat covers most transitions from Maple Neck to Rosewood, pickguard changes, and combinations of these, so it's a good year to choose if you want to mix and match.

In mid 1962 the Veneer Rosewood fingerboard is introduced on the Strat where the bottom of fingerboard part glued to maple is arched. In late 1964 a Gold Fender peghead decal thicker than previous "spaghetti" logo. Pearl fingerboard dots replace "clay" dots. This transitions in with the smaller side dots becoming pearl after the larger 1/4" top dots become pearl. Plastic white three layer pickguard replaces celluloid. In late 1965 Stratocaster the peghead design enlarged significantly. Maple fingerboard optional (2 piece neck, no "skunk stripe"). In 1968 the Black Fender peghead decal with 2 patent numbers are added, "F" style tuning gears replaces "Kluson-Deluxe" gears. Polyester thick finish replaces nitrocellulose lacquer. Check out what we have in stock...

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster


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