Focusrite Vocaster One Studio Podcasting Audio Interface


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Focusrite Vocaster One Studio Podcasting Audio Interface


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Focusrite Vocaster One Studio Podcasting Audio Interface Overview

The Focusrite Vocaster One Studio Podcasting Audio Interface allows you to achieve the studio-quality sound your podcast merits with unparalleled simplicity.

All-In-One Podcasting Solution

Focusrite Vocaster One Studio is a complete podcasting setup, including the all-new Vocaster DM1 dynamic mic and HP60v closed-back studio headphones combo - a perfect package for streamers looking to achieve studio-quality sound.

The Vocaster DM1 dynamic mic is designed with a built-in grille and pop filter to deliver crystal-clear audio with a rich and warm tone that makes you feel like you’re recording in a professional studio.

The HP60v closed-back studio headphones are the ideal choice for monitoring your show without any sound leakage. They deliver pristine sound quality, allowing you to hear your show as the world will, while simultaneously preventing the mic from picking up any unwanted sound.

Professional Audio, Made Easy

Achieve outstanding audio with ample gain for any XLR mic. Easily set levels, refine your sound and make an impression with Vocaster One in a matter of seconds. Simplify your podcast production with Auto Gain, Enhance, the Easy Start tool, and top-rated support for instant recording.

Intuitive Design

Auto Gain adjusts your levels with a single click, providing abundant gain for popular broadcast mics and eliminating the need for a booster.

Instant Enhancement

The Enhance button unveils your voice’s true quality. Obtain pristine sound instantly, while the three podcaster-approved voice presets highlight the best aspects of any voice.

Quick Muting

Don’t let unforeseen disruptions ruin your podcast. Press the mute button to temporarily silence the mic until you’re ready to resume.

Call Integration

Incorporate guests via phone with a TRRS cable, capturing the entire conversation and seamlessly record high-quality music or other audio from your device.

Video & Audio Sync

Connect a TRS cable to add Vocaster’s studio sound to your vlog without post-production syncing. Just plug in and start recording.

Stereo Loopback

Stream pre-recorded segments like intros, outros, or any other audio using two sets of stereo loopback, emulating a professional broadcast studio.

Portable Design

Vocaster One is compact, lightweight, and computer-powered, allowing you to participate in discussions wherever they happen.

Here To Help

Our Easy Start tool ensures a smooth setup, helping you go live swiftly. Benefit from three years of warranty and our award-winning 24/7/365 support.

Software Included

With Hindenburg Lite for recording, three months of SquadCast Pro + Video for guest inclusion, and six months of Acast Influencer for podcast hosting and monetisation, you’re set for success. Enjoy a six-month free trial of Hindenburg Pro as well!

Vocaster Hub v1.3

Craft your show’s audio with Vocaster’s mixer, just like in a broadcast studio. Vocaster Hub lets you set levels, enhance the sound and route audio from your phone and computer. Experience your listeners’ perspective with Show Mix, even without a computer.

Vocaster Hub v1.3 is designed to provide continuous support for podcasters, streamers and vloggers, offering improved Auto Gain functionality, a new dark theme with system matching capabilities and an upgraded mute function for smooth transitions between headphones and speakers, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for content creators.

Sustainably Made

Vocaster reduces the environmental impact of our interfaces by using carefully selected components, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and over 50% recycled plastics. Vocaster is designed with everyone in mind.