Hayden Mighty MoFo 5 Watt All Valve 1x12 Combo (EX-DEMO)

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Product discontinued

Ex-demo amp in great condition.

The Mighty MoFo combo by Hayden is a valve guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude. But unlike other mini guitar combos, the Mighty MoFo is definitely not a one trick pony. From stunning bell like clean tones with real depth to plexi-esque classic rock crunch, right up to full on metal mayhem, the 5 watt Mighty MoFo combo does it all, whilst aimed for the Studio and playing along via the Aux mini jack in, Headphone mini jack out and recording out.

Designed from the ground up the Mighty Mofo has been engineered as a smaller, light weight amp for the professional musician to rehearse and record with, clothed in an attractive cabinet finished in bronco tolex with Lloyd loom style fret fabric , an integral "Custom Hayden Vintage 60 " 12" speaker completes the package.

Internally the amplifier features the oversized high performance transformers Hayden has become famous for , and the high gain circuitry has been tuned after hours of consultation with many renowned guitarists to fulfil the desires of today.s modern studio and recording musician.

The mini jack Aux in, along with the mix control allow easy practice to either your own recorded material or pre recorded backing tracks.

The Mighty Mofo combo, whilst tiny still punches way above its weight. With high gain stages the Mighty Mofo combo does it all from classic clean tones through biting classic rock crunch to full metal mayhem.

At 5w (rms) the amp gives out the pure overdrive you expect from the output stage of bigger amps but at lower volumes, letting the Mighty MoFo combo hold its own at practice sessions and small venues

And the super cool "Magic Eye" indicator tube displays the amplifier's performance, you will not be able to take your eyes off of this.

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  • Mighty MoFo combo - 5 Watts from 1 x El84 valve
  • Aux line in with MIX control for your controlled practice along with your favourite MP3 or backing tracks.
  • High gain stages for classic clean tones through to full metal mayhem
  • 8 Ohm speaker output for a variety of cabinet options
  • Built in Hayden Custom Vintage 60 12" speaker
  • Genuine "Accutronics" Belton Brick reverb unit
  • Gain, Bass, middle, treble, Mix, master controls
  • ECC 83 tube preamp
  • Magic eye indicator
  • Rugged cabinet with Road ready "bronco" tolex and Lloyd loom style fret cloth

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