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Ibanez Jem, PIA & Universe (Steve Vai Signature)

The original Ibanez Jem 777 was introduced way back in '87, and Vai's current stalwart, the Jem 7V, is a modern classic. 

One of the most recognisable guitars to have come out of the '80s, and one of very few that's still in production to look as fresh today as it did back then. The Jem originally featured two Dimarzio PAF Pro humbuckers, the awesome Ibanez Edge trem system, lion's claw and monkey grip routings, and its trademark Tree-Of-Life inlay. The spec's changed and evolved over the years. But the Jem7V (Steve's original is named EVO, along with a spare named Flo) remains true to its original intentions. Showing Vai and Ibanez hit the nail squarely on the head the first time around. 

Admittedly Steve tweaked the 7V from the 777 (and also Jem77FP Floral) specs and made some important changes. Principally, what was a previously a basswood body (chosen for its lightweight) became alder (for tonal reasons), and previously stock PAF Pros pick-ups became custom designed Dimarzio Evolutions®. Both of which helped Vai to further hone his characteristic tone.

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Ibanez Jem, PIA & Universe (Steve Vai Signature)


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