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Ibanez RG

The Ibanez RG is possibly the Ultimate Rock Guitar. Originally based on the Steve Vai designed Jem, the original RG550 debuted in '87. intended to be something of a working man's Jem the RG 500 series took the heart of Vai's guitar design and removed some of the flashier details. For players that wanted a little more, the RG770 was later introduced in 1990 as a bridge between the Jem and the 500 series.

The Humble RG has always been a straight-up rock and metal machine, but over the years it's evolved, and perhaps even matured a little. The introduction of guitars like the RG450 and RG470 in the '90s saw the RG shape become accessible to players it wasn't previously. It even started featuring on Punk-Rock stages the world over, notably in the hands of players like Noodles (the Offspring) and Fletcher (Pennywise). Whereas the custom-built USA Master and J-Custom series's saw the RG reach stratospheric new heights of build quality and spec and continue the trajectory of the RG within virtuosic realms. 

These days the RG shape is broadly split into five series'. The standard RG (see below), the RG Prestige - modern Japan-built guitars and the current equivalents to the originals, the RG Premium - guitars with a refined fit and finish over the standard series, and the newer Iron Label Series - designed around the needs of the current crop of djent and tech-metals pioneers and keenly keeping Ibanez right at the bleeding edge of extreme music.

Plus there's the entry-level GIO RG, built for players that want to experience Ibanez quality from the start.

Ibanez RG


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