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JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals are one of the most popular guitar pedal brands today. Founded in 2001 by Joshua Heath Scott in Jackson, Mississippi, he started out by repairing and modifying his own pedals, which led to modifying Boss pedals to get new and improved sounds, and then evolved to JHS creating their own circuits, starting with the Morning Glory overdrive and the Pulp ‘N’ Peel compressor.

Now based in Kansas City, Missouri, JHS has evolved to a team of 20-25 employees who expertly create a wide range of unique, high-quality pedals with distinctive names, used by many popular musicians and even collaborating with some to create their own signature pedals. From the stripped-back ‘3 Series’ that gives you classic pedal sounds at an affordable price, to their popular flagship pedal the ‘Angry Charlie’, there’s something for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Check out the JHS 3 Series pedals, seven popular effects in a refined three-dial layout - pure JHS quality at an affordable price.

JHS Pedals


Overdrive - Distortion - Fuzz