KMA Machines Stereo ABY Switcher Pedal


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KMA Machines Stereo ABY Switcher Pedal


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KMA Machines Stereo ABY Switcher Pedal Overview

There’s nothing new about ABY boxes. They’re a very commonly used accessory and a staple part of many setups out there. But if they are so common, then why is it so difficult to find one in a stereo format that’s well built, noise-free AND affordable? This is a question we kept encountering as we use many stereo devices daily here at KMA, plus we know that a lot of users are just as mesmerised by the wide sonic worlds of stereo as we are. So, we made a killer stereo ABY switcher to use here at our workshop. In the process we found it so useful, so we decided to make it available to the world too in a pedal format.

Whether you’re looking to switch or combine your stereo input signal between two separate destinations or switch or combine two separate stereo input signals into a single output, the KMA Machines STEREO ABY pedal is a dependable little helper for your tonal quest. Created with a focus on durability, reliability, simplicity and hassle-free operation, this passive ABY switcher also features True Bypass active silent relay-based soft switching to reduce mechanical noise and unwanted pops and clicks when in use. So, all you have to do is choose your path and perform!

Main Features

  • Passive Stereo ABY pedal, with active switching
  • Sends a stereo input to two separate stereo outputs, separately or combined
  • Sends two stereo inputs to one stereo source, separately or combined
  • True Bypass
  • Active silent relay-based soft switching, heavily reduces mechanical noise and pops
  • Omnidirectional for 2 into 1 or 1 into 2 operation, plus in Stereo!
  • Distinct LED colours, to indicate your selected signal path at a glance
  • Durable compact enclosure for years of reliable switching
  • Top-mounted jacks, will fit into any setup
  • Made in Berlin, Germany
  • Power by opt. 9 V PSU
    (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, >40 mA max. current draw)

KMA’s STEREO ABY features a fully passive design for the best signal integrity, along with our True Bypass active silent relay-based soft switching.
While that might be a hell of a wordy mouthful, what it means practically is that the audio signal itself is entirely untouched and without any colouration. Plus, you can use the device in either direction, for sending to different sets of amps or effects or for switching inputs/ instruments/devices into your chain.

However, the actual switching is taken care of by our reliable and sturdy soft switches as a separate active circuit. By employing this switching technology, mechanical noise is greatly reduced, as is the risk of those pesky loud clicks and pops that have plagued so many boards and has haunted so many musicians, since the inception of ABY boxes.

The bears eyes light up - how awesome is that!? Okay, besides just looking cool and fulfilling our boyhood dreams of an army of robot bears with freaking lasers as eyes, the 3 distinct LEDs actually serve a practical purpose; to quickly and easily show you what signal path you’ve selected at a glance. Red for A, Yellow for B and Blue in the centre for A&B.

This neat accommodating Stereo device seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.
It’s compact, rugged, lightweight, durable, affordable and can be powered via a standard 9V DC power supply. In addition, without tooting our own horn too much, it just looks awesome. All helping to make it feel right at home amongst the artistic landscape that is your pedalboard. What’s not to like?

So, will you choose A, B or both? With the KMA Machines ABY Stereo, the fate of your signal is in your hands!