KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe Advanced Frequency Splitter Pedal


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KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe Advanced Frequency Splitter Pedal


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KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe Advanced Frequency Splitter Pedal Overview

The Tyler Deluxe is an Advanced Frequency Splitter Pedal from acclaimed company KMA Audio Machines and is a new-and-improved version of their popular Tyler pedal. Whilst the original Tyler made waves as a versatile device that enhanced every guitarist and bassists pedalboard that it was found on, the Deluxe takes things to new heights with a host of brand new features. The result is a remarkable splitter pedal with more advanced versatility and flexibility.

Truly Deluxe

This new rendition of the Tyler certainly earns the “Deluxe” part of its name, as all of its vital components have been given a complete upgrade from its predecessor. This has the added benefit of an improved noise floor and a cleaner sound overall.

Of note are the new relay-based soft switches, which boost the headroom (making it primed for hotter potent input signals) and low-noise op-amps which generally improve the Tyler Deluxe’s sound quality.

Alongside key modern features such as top-mounted jacks for easy patch cable connection, the KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe is truly a top-notch, premium stompbox.

Flexible Filters

Like with the original Tyler, the Tyler Deluxe features two powerful filter types at its core. These filter circuits split your guitar’s signal into two separate loops, one has a High Pass filter and the other has a Low Pass filter. Both filters feature a 12dB per octave roll-off and a wide variable cutoff frequency of 20Hz to 3kHz.

The filters and separate loops are a key part of what makes KMA Machines’ Tyler Deluxe so special. With these filters and loops, you can totally transform your sound and wrangle entirely new tones from your stompboxes that you could only have dreamt of before.

Elevate Your 'Board

Bassists can preserve or clean up their low-end and use any overdrive, distortion or fuzz they want by simply running the gain pedal into the High Pass FX-loop, adjusting the Mix control then tweaking cutoffs to taste.

The Tyler Deluxe’s filters and loops can enhance your modulation effects, too. For example, you could run a warm chorus into the Low Pass loop and a shimmery pitch-shifted delay into the High Pass. Sculpt out the high frequencies end of the chorus & the low-end of the delay - it’ll sound like two distinct guitars playing at the same time.

Refined Sound

If you love to run a tonne of ambient effects for sprawling caverns of sound in series, the KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe can be a great way to clean things up, bring back note definition and add clarity to your sound by allowing you to run different effects on separate loops.

The Tyler Deluxe allows you to set the Mix on your favourite wet effect to full then gradually blend it in with your dry signal - just like if you were using a mixing console where your guitar pedals are on a separate bus.

Goodbye To Ground Loops

An issue with the original Tyler is that ground loops can occur when it’s used as an advanced AB/Y box. That isn’t the case with the Tyler Deluxe, as both Sends have now been upgraded - delivering pleasingly warm saturation and eliminating annoying ground loops. This is due to a revitalised design, where each Send is transformer coupled with Triad Magnetics.

Totally Unphased

Unwanted phase cancellation is a thing of the past with the Tyler Deluxe, too, thanks to the Master Phase switch (which guarantees reliable interaction with the set filter frequency regardless if a loop is on) and individual phase inversions switches for each loop (HP Phase & LP Phase).

Revitalised Control

A significant feature update to the Tyler Deluxe is the Clean blend knob, which ensures optimal tonal transparency and provides a greater degree of control over your overall tone.

KMA Machines have also equipped the Tyler Deluxe with LP Cut and HP Cut switches, which completely mute your loops when bypassed. This increases this astounding pedal’s functionality and gives you new creative options to play with.

We recommended the KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe to anyone that uses multiple effect pedals on their 'board. This is a true Swiss Army Knife pedal that helps you get the most from your gear and explore new sonic territory. Whilst it’s filled to the brim with features, its intuitive design makes achieving great results an effortless process.