Korg Nautilus Music Workstation 61


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Korg Nautilus Music Workstation 61


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Korg Nautilus Music Workstation 61 Overview

Korg Nautilus M1 SKU Banner

Korg's Nautilus workstation keyboards are a more affordable alternative to the flagship Kronos series, with absolutely no compromises on performance or features.

M1 Update

M1 for Nautilus is a free update from Korg that brings the sounds of a true classic to the Nautilus keyboard. The M1 launched in 1988 and quickly became a landmark musical instrument. Many of its sounds were used across countless hit songs over the decades. This pack adds 100 programs, 100 combis and the M1’s original demo songs. As well as bringing the authentic and iconic sounds of the Korg M1 to the Nautilus, this pack allows you to experience them using the Nautilus’s powerful effects, enhanced polyphony, real-time controls and more. Download M1 for Nautilus by clicking here.

Cutting-Edge Workstation

Incorporating Korg's legacy of refined analogue and digital technology, the Nautilus range raises the bar for what’s expected of an all-in-one workstation in its price range. The same powerful combination of nine sound engines as the Kronos, from beautiful acoustic pianos to authentic emulations of vintage Korg synths, with hands-on performance controls, give you a vast amount of sonic power at your fingertips.

Gorgeous Key Action

The 73 and 61 key versions use Korg Natural Touch semi-weighted key bed, which derives from the demand that Korg received for a light-touch synth keyboard. This allows organists to perform their glissandos with ease and soloists to take advantage of the slick, hell-for-leather playability on offer. The unique design of the 73 and 61 key models reflects the inspiration behind the Nautilus namesake, with stunning curves that rise from up from the bottom to the sides.

Powerful Sound Engines

With the immense variety offered by Nautilus's nine sound engines, you have access to highly realistic reproductions of virtually any sound you can conceive of. The first sound engine is the highly-expressive and enhanced SGX-2 piano sound generator, which features one of the largest sound libraries ever put into one keyboard, twelve-step velocity-switched sound, string resonance and other adjustable settings.

Next up we have the EP-1 electric piano sound generator, which boasts seven authentic emulations of classic electric pianos. Korg's CX-3 reissue was renowned for its astonishing ability to replicate the sought-after tonewheel organ sound and its engine can be found in the Nautilus

In addition to these traditional keyboard tones, the Nautilus is capable of VPM/FM synthesis (MOD-7), analogue synth modelling (AL-1, PolysixEX and MS-20EX), physical modelling of plucked strings (STR-1) and high-definition sample synthesis (HD-1). What’s more, these sound engines can be used in tandem with the Program and Combination modes. This enables you to create new timbres by combining them in various ways.

Intelligent Layout

The Nautilus can be used for quick composition, production and playing with its array of superb sounds that are offered over three expansive categories - Unique, Current and Standard. With this approach, Korg have challenged the notion of what timbres a conventional workstation should have, with innovative use of the Nautilus programming and sampling capabilities. The Unique category is filled with captivating and unusual tones, such as prepared pianos and “found” percussion, that provide an instant atmosphere for composers. The Current category reflects the impact that previous Korg workstations like the Triton have had on popular music, with fresh synths, drum kits and special effect sounds that have been tailored to modern genres. The Standard category encompasses all of the vital sounds that you’d expect from a premium workstation, including; piano, electric piano, guitar, bass guitar and more.

Intuitive Interface

A notable advantage of the Korg Nautilus range is its ability to intuitively edit sounds on-the-fly.

At the core of the Nautilus control centre is the inviting seven-inch TouchView colour display. Not only does the screen allow you to choose a sound or tweak a parameter just by touching it, the enhanced Touch-Dragability makes deeper control options a lot more accessible. Thanks to the interactive instruments and panel graphics, tailoring the sound engines to fit your needs is a breeze.

Tactile Control

The Dynamics knob on the front panel allows you to instantly customise the way the instrument responds to velocity (how hard you play). When the knob is all the way to the left, you have the widest range of dynamics available to you - ideal for intricate and expressive playing, such as when you’re using an acoustic piano to accompany a solo singer. As you turn the knob to the right, the dynamic response becomes more even - perfect for when a consistent feel is needed. Instead of being buried deep in a menu, the fact that you can quickly adjust this control means that the Nautilus can instantly adapt to any playing style and musical context.

Also on the front, you can use the six RT (real-time) knobs to immediately edit the PROG and COMBI sounds. These versatile knobs are multi-function and enable you to control parameters such as filter cutoff and effect depth, gate time, tempo and swing of the arpeggiator or drum track, the type of snare drum and more. Whilst in COMBI mode, you can use the RT knobs to adjust the levels of individual patches. By pressing in the RT knobs, you’re able to lock them in place and avoid accidentally changing key settings mid-performance. As this works on a per knob basis, if you need to, for example, increase the resonance of the Polysix emulation as part of a song, you can simply leave that RT control unlocked and lock the other five.

Smooth Sound Transitions

Another indispensable performance feature of the Nautilus is the Smooth Sound Transitions feature, which eliminates dropouts when changing sounds - regardless of which mode you’re currently using! If you’re playing a song that has various patch changes, you can enjoy seamless transitions between each one. This also works when switching between PROG mode to COMBI mode.

Set List Mode

This is where Set List mode comes into play, as you can have up to sixteen colour-coded buttons on the display for instant recall of any patch, combination or sequence. This mode also has a nine-band graphic equaliser, allowing you to tweak the overall timbre of your set to match any room or venue.

Easy Customisation

With the Nautilus's interface - easy operation is the name of the game. Korg have developed a new approach to the user interface and have avoided a dense, cluttered panel. You’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for - when you need it. The ability to freely assign the functions you often use means you can personalise the control surface to suit your needs, with four slots available for you to save your configurations.

Dark Mode

If you find yourself in front of the Nautilus for hours on end during a long rehearsal or production session, you can reduce your eye fatigue by turning on the Dark Mode, which replaces the primary colour of the display with black.

Inspiring Performance Controls

The Nautilus has an inspiring arpeggiator that is capable of four scenes of patterns, in addition to drum track sets that are suited for each PROG and COMBI sound. The 16-track MIDI sequencer (which can record in real-time) and 16-track audio recording features enable you to effortlessly capture your ideas and inspiration the moment they hit. When tracking audio, you can simultaneously record up to four lanes of 16-bit/24-bit uncompressed data at a sampling rate of 48 kHz. You can then play along with recorded tracks, process them with effects, resample and paste the WAV files straight into a track. With editing functions such as mixer automation and normalisation, it’s effectively an uncomplicated DAW within your keyboard!

Open Sampling System

The Nautilus shared DNA with the Kronos is made even more apparent with the integration of Korg’s Open Sampling System into the Nautilus architecture. This capability sends the Nautilus sound-sculpting possibilities into the stratosphere! This powerful system enables the Nautilus to sample any external audio source whilst in PROG, COMBI or Sequencer mode and store it onto the enormous built-in SSD. File formats including AIFF, WAV, SoundFont 2.0 and AKAI S1000/3000 can be uploaded to the Nautilus via USB. A USB ethernet adaptor can be used to transmit large amounts of sample data from your computer at high speed.

Lush Onboard Effects

The sixteen onboard effects allow you to polish and add depth to your sound. The twelve insert effects can be used with single patches or multiple programmes in a combination, as well as to individual or multiple tracks in the Sequencer. Sends 1/2 can have two master effects applied to them and two Total effects can be used to enhance all tracks at the last stage. With a separate three-band EQ for each patch, sequencer track and audio track, you can truly sculpt each part of the overall sound.

Flexible Connectivity

The Nautilus features full MIDI I/O and MIDI over USB, which means it works as a fantastic controller for your other hardware and can be controlled by any class-compliant USB-MIDI controller.

Premium Software Bundle

As an added bonus, Korg also includes a free software bundle that features: Ozone Elements by Izotope (which features AI that can master your music automatically), Skoove (gives your keys skills a boost), Reason Lite (basic DAW software that will get you started with your productions) as well as various soft synths from Korg and other brands.

Korg’s Nautilus is a groundbreaking workstation keyboard that looks sleek, feels wonderful and - most importantly - sounds incredible. Korg have distilled decades of experience into this well-constructed machine that will excel in any room, stage or studio.


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