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Korg Synthesizers

Korg was founded in Tokyo Japan way back in 1962. Breaking into the then fledgeling synthesiser market in a little over a decade later with the miniKORG, at the time, an affordable instrument that found favour with artists such as OMD and Depeche Mode. With friends like these Korg quickly became a stalwart of the synthesizer world releasing some of the most highly regarded and popular synthesisers of all time and also inventing the workstation on the way. Their legacy includes such mighty instruments as the MS-20 the PS-3300 (notably one of the Aphex Twins favourite instuments, also used by Hans Zimmer) re-inventing the sound of the synth and inventing the workstation in one foul swoop with the truly groundbreaking M1 in 1988, and it is also worth noting their diminutive MicroKorg synthesizer/vocoder released in 2002 is THE best selling synthesiser of all time. 

Korg continues to break boundaries to this day, their revolutionary VOLCA series is popular with first-time hardware users and seasoned professionals alike. Serving everyone from the bedroom tech to the worlds top players with the mighty KRONOS range, still the most advanced workstation on the market. Satiating the global analogue hunger with the MINILOGUE PROLOGUE re-issues of some beloved synthesisers such as their MS-20 and BBC' Radiophonic Workshop's favourite, the ARP ODDYSEY. Whatever your palette playing style or budget there is a Korg synthesiser that will suit you. Call click or pop in today to discuss the KORG synthesiser range with our team of passionate synthesiser experts

Korg Synthesizers