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Laney AH110 Active Speaker Product Description by GAK

The Laney AH110 is a High Power 2-way Speaker System with 200W, suitable for audiences up to 100.

Featuring a 10″ woofer and a 1″ compression driver providing you with sparkling highs and punchy bass. Also included are  an XLR mic inputs, two Jack line level inputs and a Mini Jack input as well as Bass and Treble controls to shape the tone.

The AH110 is constructed of lightweight, impact-resistant moulded plastic which means it's perfect for portable application.

Laney Product Description

The AH110 is a powerful and flexible 2-way active speaker system with integrated mixer and Digital Media Player. It is recommended for crowds of up to 100.

Audiohub Venue models combine flexibility with performance making them ideal for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications such as conferences, classrooms, parties, musical performance, worship, presentations, seminars, sports, aerobics, DJ’s, bars and more. Whatever you need the Audio Venue has got it covered.

Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the AH110 delivers 200 Watts of power and is equipped with a 10″ woofer and a 1″ compression driver for punchy bass and sparkling highs.

The AH110’s integrated mixer features an on-board Digital Media Player capable of taking an SD card or a USB memory stick and is fitted with Bluetooth to allow audio streaming from any Bluetooth equipped audio device: Stream your music straight from your phone!

The mixer also features two XLR mic inputs, two Jack line level inputs and a Mini Jack input. Bass and Treble EQ controls allow tonal shaping and an XLR Mix Out socket provides connection to additional active speakers (such as another AH110) to expand the system.

The cabinet enclosure is made from lightweight, impact-resistant moulded plastic making it both portable and road-worthy. Inbuilt, recessed carrying handles make it a breeze to carry from the car to the venue. The AH110 may also be mounted on a tripod stand via 35mm pole mount.

  • Media Player - SD card, USB memory stick & Bluetooth
  • XLR Mic inputs, Jack Line inputs & Mini-jack input
  • XLR Mix Output-link to multiple speakers
  • Bass & Treble EQ
  • High Quality Sound Reproduction
  • 10" Loudspeaker 1" Compression Driver
  • British Design & Engineering
  • Portable & Versatile
  • Recessed carry handle
  • Lightweight moulding
  • 35mm Tripod Mount

No upgrades available