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The Laney GS212VR is a Celestion Vintage 30 loaded 2x12 closed back cabinet. Mono or Stereo operation and tilt stand included. The unique interaction between a tube amplifier and its loudspeaker is how tone comes to life. Laney has selected the infamous Celestion Vintage 30 to load into its top-of-the-line cabinet range. Twin Celestion Vintage 30s deliver complex overtones, low-end warmth, rich mid-range and beautifully detailed top-end. The GS212VR is built from quality plywood with lightweight yet rugged construction. A base-mounted tilt stand gets the sound off the floor and up to your ears. The GS212VR features mono or stereo connection options handling 120 watts in mono mode or 2 x 60 watts in stereo. The GS212VR comes with slip cover included to protect your cabinet for years to come.

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  • Rob Keers


    Was looking for a 120 watt 212 cabinet with two Celestion vintage 30's and 8 ohms mono. This is that and more, it also has a stereo configuration and an onboard tilt stand plus a dust cover. I also wanted the handles on the top corners rather than the side, this makes it easy to lift by yourself. So this is the perfect cabinet for me. I have run it with a 4 channel 100 watt head & a single channel vintage 20 watt head in both mono and stereo. You get a real nice sound variation. I keep going back to this now as plugging into other cabinets I notice they are not as rich sounding. The price I paid was the best around and was a real bargain for what you get. It has a nice look about it too.

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