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The range of Laney VC30 combos offer classic British class A tone in a variety of speaker options. The Laney VC30 features a single channel with footswitchable gain, with its own level control, three band EQ and a bright switch.

If you're looking for that elusive living tone then look no further than the VC30. The Laney VC30 generates very little cross over distortion because it runs in pure class A mode - its valves are always hot and ready to roll, which gives it that un-mistakable class A sound and feel. If you've never experienced that level of connection between a player an amp and a tone - you've never tried a VC30. The Laney VC30-212 uses a pair of 12" custom designed Celestion 35 watt drivers.

What is so special about a valve amplifier compared to a transistor amp? Overdrive a transistor amp, and it sounds brittle like breaking glass. Overdrive a valve amp, and it sounds fuller and louder. The reason is when clipped (overdriven) a valve adds lots of even order harmonics to the signal, which our ears find pleasant. And have you ever met a guitarist who didn't overdrive his amp?

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  • Power RMS : 30 Watts
  • Inputs : Hi & Lo Jacks
  • Channels : 2
  • Equalisation : Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Bright Switch : Yes: On Clean Channel
  • Preamp Valves : Premium ECC83
  • Output Valves : Premium EL84
  • Class : Class A
  • Reverb : Yes
  • Footswitch : FS2 (Not included)
  • Speaker connections : Jack
  • FX Loop(s) : Yes
  • Impedance : Minimum 4 ohms
  • Drivers : 2 x 12" Celestion 70 Eighty
  • Weight : 28.5 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm) : 520 x 676 x 250