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Line 6-Helix Series

Line 6 Helix Series

Line 6 Helix Series

All Helixes have a gig-ready, robust design that’ll withstand the rigours of touring and an intuitive interface that makes editing a breeze.

Helix Guitar Processors are Line 6’s flagship models - becoming the industry standard guitar processor thanks to their versatile configuration options and professional-quality sound.

A huge advantage of the Helix range is that it can be used standalone or integrate seamlessly into your existing rig or pedalboard, with every Helix featuring effects loops that allow you to hook up your other pedals. Many guitarists are replacing their multitudes of stompboxes and heavy amps with one comprehensive unit that can do it all.

The Helix range is available in different formats according to I/O and size - fundamentally, they all have the same power under the hood, and they all boast the exact same HX modelled effects/amps/pedals - so you won’t be compromising on sound if you opt for one of the more portable options. With an arsenal of 80+ amplifiers, 30+ cabinets, 200+ effect pedals, and 10+ mic models, the Line 6 Helix range lets you craft virtually any conceivable guitar sound you can imagine! Helix guitar processors can be used standalone, or integrate seamlessly into your existing rig or pedalboard.

Helix Floor

Line 6 Helix Floor

The Line 6 Helix Floor Guitar Processor Pedal is the ultimate all-in-one solution for floor-based effects and amp modelling, designed for professionals and those who need all the functions if has. It has a range of sounds, inputs and outputs, thousands of different presets, lots of parallel processing capabilities and lots of onboard DSP. It allows you to run up to four amplifiers at the same time, with up to 32 effects running on four discrete stereo signal paths for incredible clarity, letting you take advantage of the huge range of options - from adjusting mic types, controlling the panning, compression and signal chain, tweaking the EQ and much more to get the exact sound you want. While this may sound overwhelming, the 6.2" LCD display lets you easily navigate all these settings. You can run four loops of your own external effects pedals, and change amp channels through the MIDI or 1/4" jack.

Helix Rack

Line 6 Helix Rack

The Line 6 Helix Rack Guitar Processor Pedal comes in a rack-mountable format which lends itself well to studio applications and can be used in tandem with the foot controller, Helix Control, for live use. It can also be used as a robust controller, letting you create a hardware-software hybrid setup where you can integrate your pedals, your tube amp, rack equipment and other instruments, offering one of the most on-depth routing I/O of any guitar processor.

Helix LT

Line 6 Helix LT

The Line 6 Helix LT Guitar Processor Pedal is the 'light' version of the Helix. This stripped-back, streamlined model is good for those who don’t need lots of input and outputs, striking a good balance between portability and functionality. It weighs 12lbs vs the Helix Floor's 14.6lbs, and has 8 footswitches which work as only effect switches, unlike the Helix Floor's 10 stomp switches. It's a great option for anyone who wants a slightly smaller Helix.

Line 6 have continuously updated the Helix platform with new effect models, amplifiers, cabinets and game changing features. Check out our GAK Blog for all latest additions!

Each Line 6 Multi-FX Unit comes with a 1-year warranty. Learn more.

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Line 6-Helix Series


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