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Line 6 POD Series

Line 6 POD Go Series

The Line 6 POD series is great for anyone who’s an outright beginner to multi-FX and amp models, or those who want a lightweight, ultra-portable, plug-in-and-play multi-effects pedal. The POD Go is designed to be an all-encompassing unit with a wide range of effects and amp simulations, lots of assignable foot pedals, and a built-in expression pedal, while the Pocket Pod is the ultimate portable unit you can take anywhere. Line 6 Multi-FX units are great if you're looking for professional-quality sounds by a reputable brand that has spent many years developing high-quality multi-effects units and amps for beginners and professionals alike.

The POD Go easily fits into your backpack making it ideal to take to gigs, rehearsals and recordings. It can also work as a 4x4 audio interface, letting you load third-party speaker cabinet IR's which can be loaded and incorporated into the signal chain of any preset to give you a huge range of options.

The free POD Go Edit app is a simple, powerful editor, IR manager and preset library that lets you customise, back up and manage your tone presets and setlists. It lets you access the POD GO's features easier by using your computers much larger screen, keyboard and storage space. The app allows you to export presets and IR's to create an unlimited library on your computer, and then easily import them on to your POD Go.

Line 6 POD Go

Line 6 Pod Go

The Line 6 POD Go has almost 300 professional-grade effects - from amps, stomps, and cabs, to distortions, fuzzes, compressors and modulation effects taken from the acclaimed Line 6 HX range of processors. The POD Go's simple and intuitive interface makes the Line 6 POD Go easy to use - thanks to its large LCD colour screen, five push encoders, eight footswitches, and a multi-function expression pedal, and you can also add an extra expression pedal or two external footswitches to give you much more functionality.

Line 6 POD Go Wireless

Line 6 Pod Go Wireless

The POD Go Wireless has all the same features as the POD Go, but also has a built-in wireless receiver and includes a G10II transmitter so you can play without cables, which is ideal if you're tired of messy cables or want to be able to play anywhere.

If you’re looking for something that allows you to have more control and processing power for running parallel setups, take a look at the Line 6 HX range.

Pocket Pod

Line 6 Pocket Pod

The Pocket Pod is the ultimate headphone amp and practice tool, packing the Pod tone into something that fits in your back pocket so it can travel with you anywhere.

Pair with the Line 6 EX-1 Expression Pedal to get the most out of your POD Go unit. Compatible with all Helix, HX, POD Go, and FBV family products.

Each Line 6 Multi-FX Unit comes with a 1-year warranty. Learn more.

Check out Line 6's flagship Helix range and HX range for more functionality:

Line 6 Helix Series

Line 6 HX Series