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Line 6 Variax Standard II, Ebony Fingerboard, Tobacco Sunburst

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The Line 6 Variax Standard combines all the innovative Line 6 technology of the former JTV series with Yamaha's legendary craftsmanship. This guitar delivers unprecedented value that goes beyond any guitar in its price range.

Unlike almost every other guitar, the JTV Technology in the Variax Standard means it can sound like an entire collection of vintage, modern, and exotic stringed instruments. There's are even banjos, resonators, and sitars included. And You can then also choose from an array of alternate tunings, all available at the flick of a switch. Add in Line 6's Workbench HD software and you can mix and match components and create almost any imaginary guitar your heart desires.

The Variax Standard delivers the rock-solid build you'd expect from a high-quality, Yamaha guitar. The lightweight alder body, one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and custom-wound pickups serve up clear, full-bodied tone with harmonic richness.

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  • Handcrafted guitar with lightweight alder body and thin-finish maple neck
  • Custom-designed alnico V single-coil magnetic pickups with rich, punchy sound
  • Custom tremolo bridge with Graph Tech nut and string trees for added tuning stability
  • Tightly integrated Variax HD modeling engine delivers vintage instruments with incredible detail
  • -A large collection of electric, acoustic and eclectic guitars > 11 alternate tuning modes plus user-definable tunings
  • -16 different pickup types (via Workbench HD software)
  • Free Workbench HD software to customize and design entirely new instruments

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  • Ian Day


    Very disappointed with the Variax. 1) I did not even get to try it through my Helix as I could not get it to stay in tune. No matter how I tweeked the intonation, it would not play in tune up and down the neck. 2) Top E and B very thin sounding even after adjusting pickups to compensate. Same in Variax mode. 3) Body vibrates when hitting certain notes. 4) Tried adjusting truss rod for some relief in neck, no movement. … I usually buy my guitars from where I can try them, but this time I thought "It's a Yamaha" it should be fine. £400 bucks is enough to buy a decent guitar but I'm afraid this particular one is just a pile of CR**! sorry for the expletive. To rub salt into the wound I made the mistake of taking the plecshield plastic off. "It's a Yamaha" again I thought, it'll be fine!... So I will not be able to return it in a new condition as my funky chops have scratched said plate. Can't fault your service, quick and easy, but 400bucks wasted. Best Ian.

  • Chris Lennie


    Great for me.... Needs a bit more adjusting for fret buzz etc and setup but that should be expected I guess. Great toy for home playing and recording and probably gigging... (but I can't comment on that)

  • Alan


    Very happy with this guitar.

  • Lev Nelson


    Excellent guitar at a great price!

  • Gary


    Getting a lot for your money at this discounted price (£329) but only if you use the digital offerings this guitar has otherwise just get a decent mex strat. Otherwise the actual guitar is not bad it’s just like a standard Pacifica in feel/build quality

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