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Line 6 XD-V35 Handheld Digital Wireless System

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Line 6 XD-V35 Digital Wireless Microphone Product Overview by GAK

The XD-V35 wireless microphone from Line 6 seta a new standard for professional wireless microphone systems. Whether you're a vocalist, performer or spoken word artist the XD-V35 is the perfect microphone for you.

Based on the industry standard Shure SM58 the XD-V35 has a superb full and rich tone, with added Line 6 clarity.

The wireless system operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which avoids interference due to TV broadcasts, white space devices, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices. It also has a extended ranged of 275 foot.

Line 6 Product Overview

For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the XD-V35 family sets new standards for reliability, ease of use and superior audio quality. Both the handheld and lavalier microphones feature exclusive and innovative digital technologies that work together to deliver sound so impressive that it will inspire great performances. The entire signal chain remains pristine, uncompressed and protected by DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology.

XD-V35 digital wireless handheld microphone system is ideal for performing vocalists. The XD-V35 microphone's signature sound is based on* the sonic characteristics of the industry standard Shure SM58 mic, a live performance favourite renowned for its versatility and warm sound. The system includes a premium microphone transmitter and a desktop receiver.

For the performing vocalist, the XD-V35 handheld puts the power of cutting-edge microphone modelling in the palm of your hand. With a spectacular model based on one of the world's most popular live sound mics the Shure® SM58. XD-V35 delivers rich, full tone with the added clarity of award-winning Line 6 digital wireless technology.

You may have noticed that some wireless microphones come with FCC warning labels. Line 6 digital wireless systems, including XD-V35, don't need "FCC Consumer Alert" stickers because they are fully FCC compliant. XD-V digital wireless operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which avoids interference due to TV broadcasts, white space devices, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices. XD-V35 systems ensure peace of mind and the most reliable operation worldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.

Worried about interference caused Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® devices that operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band? XD-V35 digital wireless systems use uniquely addressed and encoded digital transmission technology so your signal will travel from your transmitter to your receiver free of interference.

  • Professional digital wireless systems for performing vocalists
  • License-free operation worldwide
  • Accurate and precise vocal reproduction with full-range 10Hz–20kHz (-2.5dB) frequency response, wide dynamic range (XD-V35)
  • 115dBA; XD-V35L = 118dBA), superior transient response and 24-bit digital conversion
  • Patented, 4th-generation digital wireless technology surpasses analog wireless systems in wireless reliability and sound quality
  • One-step setup
  • 2.4GHz band operation, free from interference due to TV broadcast, white space devices, and cell phone towers
  • 6 always-available channels
  • 275-foot (83-meter) extended range—10 feet away or 200 feet away, you get full-quality audio (Note: actual range will depend on RF
  • interference sources nearby including line-of-sight obstacles)
  • Premium dynamic microphone capsule (XD-V35) or cardioid condenser microphone (XD-V35L)
  • Road-ready polycarbonate transmitter and receiver chassis
  • FCC compliant; immune to the FCC Consumer Alert regarding wireless microphones
  • System includes microphone transmitter (XD-V35) or lavalier mic plus bodypack transmitter (XD-V35L), desktop receiver and two AA alkaline batteries

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