M-Audio BX3 Active Studio Monitors, Pair

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M-Audio BX3 Active Studio Monitors, Pair

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M-Audio BX3 Active Studio Monitors, Pair Overview

If you’re looking for your first pair of quality active monitors and need an upgrade from your run-of-the-mill USB or built-in speakers, you cannot go wrong with choosing M-Audio. Their previous ranges of entry-level monitors (check out the AV42) are some of the best options out there, providing a fantastic sound that punches well above their weight - and the BX Series is no different!

Whether you’re a budding producer in need of some reference monitors for your mixes, desire crystal clear audio for your conferences/live streams/podcasts or a music lover that’s looking to level up your listening experience… the BX Series can do it all with ease. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get them going and they’ll integrate seamlessly into your existing setup, with their compact form-factor and tasteful design.

Whilst the BX Series will excel at anything you throw at it, it’s perfect for getting an immersive sound out of your live-streaming, podcasting, gaming, film watching and music listening.

Thanks to its two-way design that uses an Acoustically-inert MDF cabinet with bass reflex and Black Kevlar® low-frequency drivers, you’re guaranteed a full 120W of punchy yet pristine sound with a smooth low-end. This is supported by additional rear ports that have been enhanced to provide an extended low-frequency response… no need for that bulky subwoofer to aggravate the neighbours! The computer-optimised natural silk dome tweeters are responsible for the crisp high-end and precision stereo separation, resulting in an overall optimal balance of sound for any multi-media application. All of the powerful technology in the BX Series of monitors is housed within a sleek, modern design that will complement any rig.

Further integration into your set-up is made straightforward by the wide array of different connections, with ¼-inch, 1⁄8-inch, and RCA inputs on offer. You’ve also got access to an extremely useful ⅛-inch aux input on the front speaker so you can easily plug in your phone, tablet or computer.

Not only is the BX Series ready-to-go with a superb sound out of the box, you’re also able to fine-tune to your heart’s content with the High-EQ and Low-EQ controls. This means you can adapt the BX Series to any room environment that you use them in! Lefties are also accommodated for with the handy Left/Right Active Speaker Position switch, which allows you to alternate which speaker is on the Left or Right - you can have the front panel volume control on any side you want.

If you require extended girth and low-end, take a look at the BX3’s bigger brother - the BX4, which offers larger 4.5-inch Black Kevlar low frequency drivers.

Overview by M-Audio

Upgrade Your Sound

Are you unhappy with the sound quality of your built-in computer speakers? Looking to get a better listening experience for your favourite music, podcasts, live streams, video games, video calls and conferences? The M-Audio BX4 monitors are the perfect choice! Compact, attractive and simple-to-install, M-Audio’s BX4 desktop speakers have been meticulously created for you to experience your media like never before!

Immersive Listening Experience

Designed for live streaming, podcasting, gaming, watching movies or listening to your favourite music, M-Audio’s BX4 monitors provide an impressive 120 Watts of crystal-clear sound inside an attractive, style-driven design. The two-way design features an Acoustically-inert MDF cabinet with a bass reflex that facilitates a smooth low end and punch through the Black Kevlar® low-frequency drivers. Plus, the enhanced rear ports add extended low-frequency response making any video-game, movie or song you play a truly immersive experience. Add to this, the computer-optimised natural silk dome tweeters for a crystal clear high-end and precise stereo image and the BX4 delivers pristine sound quality perfect for any multimedia application.

Perfect Connections

The rear panel connections offer ¼-inch, ⅛-inch, and RCA inputs making them compatible with all your gear. There’s even an ⅛-inch aux input and headphone connection on the front of the speaker for your tablet, computer, or mobile device.

Tailor-Made Sound

With the BX4, no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing you with the ultimate customised listening experience. High-EQ and Low-EQ controls dial in the perfect sound for your environment. The Left/Right Active Speaker Position switch even lets you choose which speaker is the Left or Right side - particularly useful if you are left-handed and want the speaker with the front panel volume control on your left side.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 08/5/2024

Good sound for such small speakers, and the price is good too!


Rated 5.00 out of 5 12/11/2022



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