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M-Audio CX8 (Single)

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The M-Audio CX8 Studiophile Active Studio Monitors combines proprietary driver designs, custom waveguides, seamless crossover integration and advanced Acoustic Space controls.

The M-Audio Studiophile CX8 Active Studio Reference Monitors features excellent off-axis response, minimal distortion, an expansive soundstage and the flexibility to adapt to any production space. The Studiophile CX8 monitor brings exceptionally accurate monitoring to any acoustic environment.

The CX8 components are designed to work together so that the entire system has superior headroom, resulting in lower high-frequency distortion and reduced listener fatigue compared to other monitors in its class. The bi-amplified design dedicates 80 watts for the lows and 40 watts for the highs. The low-frequency driver's venting and large voice coil provides both thermal and acoustic headroom.

The high-frequency driver features an optimized, sealed rear chamber for more audible headroom, as well as lower frequency extension for greater mid-range clarity. These factors also contribute to a more uniform response at a variety of listening levels'allowing you to work longer without fatiguing your speakers or your ears.

Custom OptImage IV waveguide design improves overall detail and clarity. It also controls the dispersion pattern of the mids and highs, offering a much wider soundstage than traditional waveguides. As a result, the CX8 monitor delivers an accurate, detailed representation of your mix with a remarkably broad sweet spot.

The Studiophile CX8 monitor offers Acoustic Space controls for tailoring each speaker to your room. Acoustic Space settings include -4dB, -2dB and Flat'and the monitor also features LF Cutoff, MF Boost and HF Trim switches for additional customization. These settings help to optimize frequency response within even the most difficult acoustic environments.

The CX8 monitor delivers cohesive sound'from solid bass, to well-defined mids, to smooth, transparent highs. Featuring a high-grade damping surround, the premium, Kevlar, low-frequency driver maximizes excursion to provide a clear, articulate low end with a bass impact you'd expect from a larger enclosure. The silk-dome, high-frequency driver with oversized 1.25-inch voice coil delivers an exceptional high-frequency response up to 30kHz.

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  • 1.25-inch, silk-dome, high-frequency driver with oversized voice coil and rear chamber
  • 8-inch, Kevlar, long-excursion, low-frequency driver with high-damping rubber surround
  • Acoustic Space controls optimize frequency response for your production space
  • Bi-amplified, class A/B amplifier with external heat sink, recessed mounting and 14-gauge wiring to the transducers: 80 Watt RMS for lows / 40 Watt RMS for highs
  • Contoured front baffle with integral OptImage IV waveguide
  • Balanced combo input (XLR and ¼" TRS); RCA unbalanced input
  • Power and volume controls
  • Ultra-solid, 1-inch front and rear MDF baffles and .75-inch MDF wrap with optimized internal bracing
  • Rear-firing port with internal flare to minimize air turbulence
  • Elegant lacquer paint with soft-touch painted faceplate
  • Recessed amplifier mounting
  • Extensive protection-RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature, turn on/off transient, subsonic filter and external mains fuse
  • Frequency response:
  • 38Hz to 30kHz ( /- 3dB) (0 degrees, on tweeter axis)
  • Low-frequency response: -10dB at 28Hz
  • Low-frequency response: -3dB at 38Hz
  • High-frequency response: -3dB at 30kHz on tweeter axis
  • Off-axis linear frequency response: spatially averaged /-15º vertically, /-30º horizontally
  • Rear-panel trim controls:
  • High-frequency trim: 2dB, 0dB, -2dB above 3kHz
  • Mid-frequency boost in/out: 2dB centered at 2kHz with a low Q bandwidth
  • Low-frequency cutoff: flat, 60Hz and 80Hz
  • Acoustic space: 0dB, -2dB and -4dB above 200Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 2700Hz

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