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Compact and affordable effects pedals with all-analogue circuitry, true bypass switching, and two distinct voices for extra versatility.

Maestro is the legendary company behind famous effect units such as the Echoplex tape echo, the FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone and the PS-1 phase shifter. Their modern pedals fuse the innovative spirit of their classic models with the flexibility and features that contemporary guitarists demand. Whilst Maestro stays true to the classic analogue circuitry behind their original units, their latest creations are compact, pedalboard-friendly stompboxes with advanced tone-shaping capabilities.

Many artists have favoured Maestro effects over their illustrious history, including George Harrison, Peter Frampton, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards and Jack White. If you haven’t heard of Maestro, you’ve certainly heard their effects! Now that Maestro has triumphantly returned to the world of effects pedals, you can finally discover what made the company so renowned.

Original Collection

Affordable and compact stompboxes with analogue circuitry, true-bypass switching and dual-mode operation that pay tribute to Maestro’s iconic models.

Custom Shop Collection

Meticulous recreations of Maestro’s rare vintage units, built to the exact specs of the originals and made in extremely limited numbers.

When it comes to effects, Maestro are easily one of the most influential and innovative companies of all time.

In 1962, Maestro would introduce their FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone - the world’s first commercially available fuzzbox. The distinctive sound of a fuzzed-out electric guitar was pioneered by guitarists such as Link Wray, Grady Martin Howlin’ Wolf’s Willie Lee Johnson. Before the FZ-1, you could only attain that raw and raucous tone by using modified or broken equipment that was pushed it to its limit.

When the FZ-1 came out, the market for guitar effects pedals didn’t exist. The FZ-1 changed the game, as it gave guitarists a reliable way of achieving fuzz. Instead of poking holes in their amp’s speaker or using a faulty preamp, players could simply press down on the FZ-1’s footswitch. The need to permanently damage your gear was gone! Plus, the fact that you could press down on a switch and instantly change your sound whilst playing was a revelation.

After Keith Richards featured the FZ-1 on The Rolling Stones’ smash hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, the fuzzbox would become a defining part of the sound of Rock. Gibson, who manufactured Maestro effects, would soon see their entire supply of the FZ-1 sell out thanks to the massive success of “Satisfaction”.

Maestro would go on to work with synth legends Tom Oberheim and Robert Moog on their next pedals. Now-mythological units such as the Oberheim-designed PS-1A phaser and the Moog-designed MPF-1 parametric filter would put Maestro on the map for their sonic inventiveness and would become incredibly sought-after on the second-hand market.

Despite the influence and success of their effects, tragedy would strike Maestro in 1979. Norlin, Gibson’s parent company, would cease production of all Maestro products due to ongoing financial troubles - just as the pedal market was hitting its stride. Maestro would go on to make their long-awaited return in 2022 with the Original Collection, a series of stompboxes that pay tribute to their classic designs and cater to the needs of the modern guitarist. With their history of innovation, the sky’s the limit for Maestro effects pedals.

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