Maestro Invader Distortion Pedal


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Maestro Invader Distortion Pedal


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Maestro Invader Distortion Pedal Overview

A raucous high-gain distortion that’s can pull off both aggressive as well as more subtle tones.

Analog Aggression

The Maestro Invader distortion pedal derives its hard-hitting harmonically-rich tone from its all-analogue circuitry. Don’t be fooled by the Invader’s name. Whilst it excels at all-out sonic aggression, it can also generate a wide range of inspiring distorted sounds. From warm and thick to bright and cutting, the Invader delivers an impressive array of tones that can be tailored to a variety of musical styles.

Tame The Beast

The vast amount of gain can be easily tamed using the Invader’s built-in noise gate, which is essential for certain styles of Rock and Metal. Simply flick the switch to the Gate On position to engage it. You can tweak the noise gate’s Threshold by opening up the pedal and adjusting the internal trim pot. Lower settings are perfect for gentle feedback control and extreme settings can tighten up your palm muted riffs.

Intuitive Layout

Maestro have designed the Invader distortion with a simple and intuitive 3-knob layout which encourages experimentation. Gain knob controls the plentiful amount of distortion on tap, Tone shapes the character of the sound, allowing you to smoothly transition from thick and warm to bright and brash, and Level affects the volume output. The Invader can go well beyond unity gain if you want to hit the front end of you amp hard or use it as a solo boost.

Ready For Your Board

The Invader distortion pedal is housed in a high-quality metal chassis that’s ready to take on the rigours of the road. The pedal’s compact form factor and top-mounted jacks also make it easy to integrate into your pedalboard. The true-bypass footswitch preserves your clean tone when the pedal’s off and lights up the eye-catching bugle LEDs when its on.

If you’re looking for a robust, road-ready and affordable distortion pedal that can cover incendiary Punk, rollicking Rock, brutal Metal and more, the Maestro Invader will make a great addition to your 'board.