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Surfboard lap steel guitar! Great sounding lap steel guitar with a far-out design.

Comes with a padded gigbag and 3 screw-in legs.

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  • Surfboard-shaped
  • Basswood body
  • Diecast chrome tuning heads
  • Single-coil soap-bar pickup
  • 1-Volume, 1-Tone control
  • Chrome bridge
  • Gloss finish
  • Includes gig bag
  • MLGS50 Stand (with bag)

No upgrades available

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  • Robert Anderton


    Excellent item really well made great design and I love it thank you

  • Ken


    Great instrument. I cannot compare it to other lap steels but having played many other guitar and guitar related instruments it is obvious that the build quality is good, and the tone is nice, especially at this price point. I think you would have to spend a lot more money before you would find higher quality. The only con I would say is that it came with rust on the strings, didn't bother me too much as I intended to put a new set on anyway. Also to note, this came tuned (more or less) to open E. With these strings I was able to tune without too much trouble to open G, open D, and a version of G6 (the one that is just C6 transposed down to G). Someone hoping to tune to C6 or A6 or something like that (like myself) will need a new set of strings with different gauges. the P90 pickup is nice and sounds not too dissimilar to the bridge Alnico V P90 on my Goldtop Les Paul :)

  • Dave Disley


    I recently lost partial use of my left hand due to spinal cancer and unfortunately can no longer use my fingers for making chord shapes. A friend suggested that I try playing slide guitar so, after having a look around on the internet, found this little beauty. This guitar is extremely well made, with all fittings being tight and secure. The volume and tone pots offer a wide travel, allowing for numerous tonal opportunities. The P90 pickup is just fine, with the right amount of clarity versus growl. Supplied with guitar are three detachable legs which are very stable when used and a sturdy padded gig-bag in which to store everything. For a beginner or intermediate lap steel player, I cannot recommend this guitar highly enough at this price point.

  • Allan


    This is an excellent company the customer services were fantastic I had a problem with the piece of equipment which they replaced and change for me without any question and no charge to me I would recommend this company to anybody well worth the search to find them thank you Garrick

  • Nigel Read


    My first lap steel guitar. I didn't want to spend a lot just to see how I got on with lap steel and I'm glad i didn't. This guitar is fantastic quality and the P90 pickup is excellent. The screw legs are sturdy and the carry bag is good. I really can't find a single to be even mildly disappointed with. I'll accept that the surfboard shape is "unusual" but actually it quite amuses me. You'll not find better for this money!

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