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Mapex Black Panther Versatus 14x4.5in Hybrid Snare, Trans Cherry Red

The Mapex Black Panther Versatus 14x4.5in Russ Miller Hybrid Snare: brings a balance of power and finesse. The 14 x 4-5/8-inch hybrid Mahogany/Maple delivers a sound that is warm, open, and explosive. Using a unique combination of bearing edges, with reinforcement on the batter side and a rounded non-reinforced 35-¦ bearing edge on the snare side the Versatus possesses versatility, articulation, and control. Also included is a personally signed picture booklet.

Versatus features a Black Panther cylinder-drive strainer that uses a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation while providing control of the snare tension. The cylinder drive strainer also provides a tactile click as it's turned, and the adjustment dial employs micro-lock technology for precise control. With Sonic Saver Hoops as standard equipment the gap is bridged between flanged hoops and die-cast hoops. A unique shaping process creates a profile that reduces wear and tear to both sticks and hands while dramatically enhancing the response and feel of every rim shot. All drums are equipped with the artist's personal choice of snare drum heads and snare wires.

  • 14 x 4 5/8in
  • Mahogany / Maple Hybrid Shell
  • Top Side - Batter Rounded and Reinforced 45 deg, Snare Side - Rounded 35 deg
  • Sound: Versatile, Articulate, Controlled
  • Transparent Cherry Over Burl Finish
  • Black Brushed Chrome Hardware
  • Puresound 16-Strand Custom Series Snare Wire

No upgrades available