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A microphone stand is an essential piece of equipment of equipment for any musician, whether you’re recording the cab of your guitar amplifier at home or singing during a live performance

Here at GAK, we stock a wide choice of quality microphone stands and speaker stands that are ready to complete your studio or stage setup. Whether you’re a performing vocalist that needs a round base stand, a studio engineer that requires a low-profile stand for a drum kit or a podcaster searching for the perfect desktop stand, we’ve got you covered. No home studio is complete without a sturdy pair of speaker stands, which allow you to place your studio monitors in the ideal listening position.

We offer one of the best selections of microphone stands in the UK, with all the top brands such as Beyerdynamic, Rode, Gewa, Hercules, Stagg, K&M and Tiger available to ship with next-day delivery. We also offer other essential accessories including cables and power supplies to help you complete your setup.

Can’t decide which microphone stand or speaker stand is right for you? Feel free to head down to our iconic Brighton store where our Pro Audio experts are ready to offer friendly and expert advice. You can also contact us online, over the phone or via email if you can’t make it to the shop.

Why do I need a microphone stand?

A microphone stand is an incredibly useful and versatile piece of gear to have. If you own a microphone or plan on using one eventually, you’re going to need one. A mic stand will keep your microphone firmly in place at a height and position (if using a boom stand) of your choosing. They’re essential for live performances and recording. It's worth investing in a high-quality mic stand, especially if you’re attaching an expensive microphone to it, because they’re more robust and last longer.

Why do I need speaker stands?

Speaker stands are well worth owning if you’re recording with studio monitors, whether that’s in a bedroom studio or a professional one. They allow you to find the perfect listening position for your monitors and isolate them from any surfaces that might introduce resonances that can colour the sound.

What are the different types of microphone stand?

Microphone stands are available in a variety of formats, these are some of the main types that you’ll come across.

  • Tripod Stand - A tripod stand is one of the most common mic stands and has a straight, height-adjustable pole with three feet at the bottom that fold in and out.
  • Tripod Boom Stand - Arguably the most versatile form of mic stand. They’re the same as a tripod stand but with an additional boom arm that gives you more flexibility when positioning the mic.
  • Round Base Stand - A round base stand (also known as a straight stand) is similar to a tripod stand but has a circular, weighted base instead of three feet. These stands are ideal for vocalists as you’re less likely to trip over the base whilst performing.
  • Desktop Stand - Desktop stands are designed to go on top of a desk and are often used for podcasting and livestreaming applications.
  • Low-profile Stand - Low-profile stands are used to mic sound sources that a low to the ground, such as a kick drum or guitar cab speaker.
How do I attach a microphone to the stand?

To attach a mic to a stand, you’ll need a microphone clip or cradle that’s the right shape and size for your microphone. Once you’ve got a compatible clip, screw it onto the stand.

What do I need to record vocals?

In addition to a microphone and microphone stand, you’ll also need a computer or other device that can run music recording software (also known as a digital audio workstation), an audio interface to bridge the gap between the mic and computer and an XLR cable to connect the mic to your interface. Microphone accessories like a pop filter or reflection filter can help you achieve a more professional-sounding recording, especially in a home studio setting.

What do I need to record vocals?

Microphone stands can vary in cost depending on the brand. At one end of the spectrum you have premium brands like Beyerdynamic and Hercules making industry-standard stands and at the other, you have brands like Tiger and Stagg offering stands at an affordable prices.