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The MOTU PCIe-424 Expansion Card is the latest high-speed PCIe expansion technology found in many high-performance PC desktops and the latest generation PowerMacs towers from Apple.

The MOTU PCIe 424 Card is available as part of the MOTU 2408mk3, HD192 or 24I/O core system.

MOTU PCI Express 424 core systems deliver incredible I/O performance. On today's fastest PCs and Macs, a fully-equipped PCIe-424 core system (with four 24-channel 424 interfaces) can deliver 96 simultaneous channels of both input and output at sample rates up to 96kHz. A core system equipped with four HD192 interfaces can deliver an astonishing 48 channels of both input and output at 192kHz. No other PCI system gives you this much audio I/O from a single PCIe card.

All I/O channels operate as a unified mix matrix under the PCIe-424 card's powerful CueMix DSP mixing engine.

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  • Latest high-speed PCIe expansion technology
  • Available as part of the MOTU 2408mk3, HD192 or 24I/O core system
  • Sample rates up to 96kHz with four 24-channel 424 interfaces
  • Both input and output at 192kHz with four HD192 interfaces
  • Incredible I/O performance

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