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Buy and register any Novation gear to become initiated into the Sound Collective, an amazing platform that provides you with inspiring software and deep discounts every couple of months - completely free.

Novation are widely renowned in the industry for their groundbreaking controllers and stunning synthesisers. Just like with Focusrite’s Plugin Collective, you’re receiving a top-notch piece of hardware that’ll serve you well for years to come in addition to premium software from leading developers to use alongside it. Join the Sound Collective today and start building your plugin arsenal!

All you need to do is purchase and register your Novation product to get in on these free plug-ins - click here to sign up if you haven’t already. Each plugin is offered for a limited time so the longer you’re a member, the more you’ll receive.

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Yum Audio - LoFi Pitch Dropout

From 5th August to 7th October 2021, Novation are offering Sound Collective members a free download of Yum Audio’s LoFi Pitch Dropout plug-in. If you’re a producer that incorporates LoFi sounds into your productions, this plug-in is sure to become an indispensable tool in your sonic arsenal. From Vaporwave to LoFi Hip-Hop, these nostalgic, tape-infused sounds have become a huge part of many modern styles.

LoFi Pitch Dropout adds an instant organic character to your audio, whether you put it on an individual track or your master bus for that VHS vibe. It does this by authentically emulating how a tape randomly gets stuck then speeds up. When this happens, the tape adds a pleasing pitch fluctuation to the sound. This plug-in provides you with six distinct tape modes, including “Cassette Flux” & “Broken VHS”. Each mode adds its own unique flavour and an extra layer of character.

Unlike an actual tape machine, LoFi Pitch Dropout gives you deeper control by allowing you to decide how often the random pitch fluxes happen (very rarely to extremely often) and instantly trigger the effect with the “Dropout” button. This button can also be automated via your DAW, which gives you the ability to sync it to the beat. You can also decide whether the dropouts happen the same way on both channels or individually on each one for a lush stereo spread.

In addition to this fantastic plug-in, Sound Collective members will also receive a 25% discount code which can be used on any Yum Audio plug-in. We highly recommend checking out their impressive roster, which includes LoFi Playtime (fun time manipulation), Spread (4-band stereo width) and Spread Light (streamlined stereo field tool).

Buy and register a Novation instrument or controller today and get initiated into the Sound Collective!

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