Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Combo

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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Combo

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Orange Crush Acoustic 30 Combo Overview

The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 is a portable 30-watt amp designed for acoustic guitar players. It’s great for busking and jamming, being lightweight (just over 6kg), and it can be battery-powered, making it easy to move around. Battery life is around 3 hours on full volume, 5 hours at 50% volume, or around 8 hours at a lower volume, requiring 10 AA batteries. If you’re just practising at home, you can just plug it in with the DC adapter for unlimited playing time.

Channel 1 has a 3-band EQ, a colour switch to boost your presence, and a pad switch. Channel 2 has an XLR input for your mic (or another guitar) and a phantom power switch. Each channel has a built-in digital reverb and chorus effects, with level and blend so you can control how much of the guitar or vocals you want in the mix. The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 also has a global notch control to remove unwanted feedback, and an angled design to improve projection through the custom 8” Voice of the World speaker.

The Acoustic 30 has an aux input so you can connect a smartphone for example and play along with your favourite songs, or maybe just a backing track. In all this is a great little amp if you’re going to be performing outside, moving around a lot, and want an amp that is specially designed for acoustic guitar.

The Orange Crush Acoustic 30 amp is also available in Black

Overview by Orange


With over 50 years of experience in great guitar tone and quality, the Crush Acoustic 30 is Orange’s entry into the world of acoustic amplification. At ease in any situation, this lightweight, portable, battery-powered acoustic combo continues the Orange tradition of simple but versatile design.

With a custom speaker, angled cabinet and 30 Watts of power, the Crush Acoustic 30 is a great companion for busking, gigs or practice. Two channels, built-in effects and a feedback-busting notch filter take care of all the details, leaving you free to work your magic.


Optimised for acoustic guitar, this channel features a ¼” jack input and a 3-band active EQ. A -10dB Pad switch helps guarantee a clean signal with higher output instruments while the Colour switch adds a treble boost and slight mid scoop, great for livening up dull pickups or finding your place in the mix.


With an XLR/jack combi input, this channel can be used for a second guitar signal or as a dedicated microphone input. The Mic/Line switch selects between XLR and jack inputs and +48V Phantom Power lets you use your favourite studio microphones.


The on-board digital effects processor can add a range of Reverb or Chorus sounds individually to each channel. Easy to use controls dial in a variety of tones in seconds. A global notch control uses a narrow-Q filter to precisely select and remove problem frequencies, eliminating unwanted feedback.


The full-range, 8” Voice of the World speaker is designed specially for the Crush Acoustic 30. Coupled with its efficient Class D power amp delivering 30 Watts, this bespoke speaker’s natural presence will cut through any crowd.


A buffered FX Loop, ¼” Line output and a balanced XLR out give you all the connections you need, even for complicated rigs. A 3.5mm Aux-In jack can be used to connect a smartphone, tablet or similar audio device, allowing you to play along to backing tracks.


The Crush Acoustic 30 is the perfect amp to use on the go. The battery compartment takes 10 AA batteries, giving you 3 hours of power at full volume, 5 hours at 50% volume and 8 hours at low volume. The Crush Acoustic 30 can also be powered by the supplied DC adaptor, which disconnects the batteries when in use.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 29/8/2023

Perfect product.

Nigel Smith

Rated 5.00 out of 5 11/2/2023

Great service

Paul shuttle

Rated 5.00 out of 5 30/1/2023

Brilliant! Simples ??


Rated 4.00 out of 5 21/5/2021

great sound - easy to use & very aesthetically pleasing - very strange battery set up though - almost impossible to screw the back on. Not a major problem though.

Joanna Habershon

Rated 5.00 out of 5 26/4/2021

Orange are always quality Great little amp

Ryan Jensson

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