Orange Super Crush 100 Head

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Orange Super Crush 100 Head

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Orange Super Crush 100 Head Overview

Orange has built on the success of their Crush Pro amps to create the Super Crush 100 Combo, going one step further to create the perfect valve-like tone, mimicking the huge, responsive tone of Orange’s flagship Rockerverb amps. The Super Crush 100 has all the same great features as the original amp but with a completely new design, as well as a CabSim balanced output.

The Orange Super Crush 100 guitar amplifier has a single-ended, 2-channel JFET preamp design and 100 Watt Class A/B power amp.

Here are the three different cab configurations you can run with the Super Crush 100 Head:

  • One 16 ohm cab connected to one of the speaker outputs.

  • Two 16 ohm cabs connected to both speaker outputs or daisy-chained together from one of the speaker outputs.

  • One 8 ohm cab connected to one of the speaker outputs.

Orange says it’s better not to daisy-chain in case the first cable or cab in the chain fails during a performance; then you’d lose all your sound. Running a separate cable to each cab makes sure at least one cab will still be going if a speaker cable or cab fails.


The Super Crush 100 has a high-quality analogue circuitry to deliver the definition and character you’d come to expect from high-end tube amps, all in a more reliable, solid-state form.


There are two independent, all-analogue preamp channels that give you quick access to a wide range of classic tube tones - from clean tones with tons of headroom to high-gain metal, and everything in between.

The dirty channel has four cascading stages of Orange gain and can knock out punishing heavy sounds as well as clean tones, with a passive 3-band EQ you can tweak to your liking.

The clean channel is a bright, vintage-flavoured, two-stage design. It delivers tons of headroom, keeping your clean tones bright and clear at any level, and when you crank the volume up, you’ll get a fat, bluesy crunch to create earthy, vintage riffs.


The Super Crush 100 uses the 100 Watt Class A/B power amp from Orange’s Pedal Baby 100 to deliver everything you love about A big valve amp, from huge headroom and great articulation to a punchy sound that can fill smaller venues with ease.


The Super Crush 100 has a balanced XLR output with Orange’s all-analogue CabSim speaker emulation technology, which mimics the sound of a 2×12 cab. It lets you have instant access to a classic ‘direct-in’ sound, straight into the P.A. or a recording interface. The Cab Back switch lets you choose between the sound of an open or closed back cab, letting you find your perfect direct sound.


The Orange Super Crush 100’s on-board digital reverb processor provides a lush, spring reverb ambience to your sound, while the fully-buffered and transparent series FX Loop covers all your effects needs - even with the most unconventional signal chains, never compromising on quality tone.

Available in Orange and Black.

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5 out of 5
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 29/9/2023

Incredible sound, pairs great with an over drive


Rated 5.00 out of 5 31/7/2023

Quality amp head,sturdy construction. Once dialed in superb clean Chanel that's completely pedal friendly. Dirty Chanel takes sometime to get sorted but once you get used to the interactive eq really good tones available that clean up beautifully with the guitar volume. Very close to valve tones that work well live. The cab you use needs thought.good 2x12 works well. Will try with my 4x10s using 2 celestion gold's and 2 fender ceramics. Good rock,blues and jazz amp. I'm very pleased with the amp. Single coils sound alive, buckers need more work but when sorted sound immense.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 30/3/2023

sensational tones, great price.

John Barton

Rated 5.00 out of 5 22/3/2023

Amazing value for what you get. A superb head.


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