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Palmer HDA 02 Single Channel Reference Class Headphone Amplifier

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Palmer HDA 02 Single Channel Reference Class Headphone Amplifier
The PHDA02 - a reference class headphone amplifier with Stereo, Mono, and Dual Mono operation modes.

Headphone monitoring is absolutely vital - one of many techniques which is indespensible when getting a mix just right. Being a reference class unit, this is an amplifier that will not flatter your sound or enhance your mix to make it more pleasing, the Palmer HDA 02 will bring you accuracy and detail ot help you iron out anything you don't want in your mix. It will also provide incredible detail for studio foldback so performers really nail each take in confidence.

The PHDA02 is designed for use with any set of headphones from 8ohm right up to 600ohm and has a switchable output impedance to maintain the best sound possible: switch to the 8ohm setting for heaphone impedances of 8-60ohms and the 200ohm setting for anything higher. You can plug 2 sets of headphones into the unit at any time. For maximum functionality, the Palmer HDA 02 has 3 different operating modes:

  • Stereo Mode: the left and right input signals are fed to the left and right of the headphones and the Stereo/Left volume control has universal control over the output levels
  • Mono Mode: the left and right input signals are summed and the new mono signal is sent to both sides of the headphones. Just like using a single mono speaker, this is a great way to detect any phase issues in your stereo mix. As with Stereo Mode, volume is controlled by the Stereo/Left volume knob.
  • Dual Mono Mode: relatively rare among headphone amplifiers, the Dual Mono mode gives you complete control. The left and right channels can be used completely independently, each with its own volume control.

  • The Palmer HDA 02 is a rugged steel and aluminium 1U, 1/2-rack unit, designed to cope with the rigours of continuous use. It features combo inputs for either XLR or 1/4" inputs and the integrated power supply works from 100-240VAC making it suitable for use almost anywhere.

    • Product type: Headphone Amp:
    • Inputs: 2
    • Input connectors: 6.3 mm jack , XLR
    • Input impedance: (balanced) 20 k Ohm(s) , (unbalanced) 10 k Ohm(s)
    • Outputs: 2
    • Output connectors: 6.3 mm jack , XLR
    • Power output: 2 x 400 mW
    • Minimum connected impedance: 2 x 8 Ohm(s)
    • Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz
    • Controls: volume
    • Indicators: On
    • Operating voltage: integrated (115 / 230 V)
    • Operating voltage: 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
    • Cabinet material: sheet steel/aluminium
    • Cabinet surface: powder coated/anodized
    • Width: 222 mm
    • Height: 44 mm
    • Depth: 175 mm
    • Weight: 1.58 kg

    No upgrades available