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Palmer LS 02 Dual Channel Line Splitter

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Palmer LS 02 Dual Channel Line Splitter

Sometimes you need to get one output signal to more than one desination. That's where Palmer audio tools can help. The Palmer LS 02 is a dual-channel line splitter that enable you to split either a single stereo output or 2 mono outputs to 3 different destinations. You could feed the master outputs from a mixer to PA systems in 3 different rooms, for example, or microphone signals to 3 recording/mixing channels to be engineered differently.

As you've come to expect from Palmer, the LS 02 is well-built unit constructed from die-cast aluminium with a powder-coated finish and contains a switchable ground lift for the outputs if necessary. The passive Palmer LS 02 makes use of very well dimensioned audio frequency transformers to split the signals without colouring your sound at all while preventing ground loop hum. The LS 02 is also an exceptionally useful tool to convert unbalanced signals into balanced ones - and the other way round, of course!

  • Product type: Splitters
  • Type: line split
  • Split type: 1 in 2 + 1
  • Channels: 2
  • Inputs: 2
  • Input connectors: XLR
  • Max. input level: + 20 dB
  • Number of split-outputs per channel: 2
  • THRU outputs/channel: 1
  • Max. output level: + 20 dB
  • Output connectors: XLR
  • Transformer isolated outputs: Yes
  • Controls: ground lift
  • Cabinet material: Die-cast aluminum
  • Cabinet surface: Powder coated
  • Width: 95 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Weight: 0.74 kg

No upgrades available