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Palmer PDI03 Speaker Simulator, Signal Splitter and DI Box, 16 Ohm

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Palmer PDI03 Speaker Simulator, Signal Splitter and DI Box, 16 Ohm

An incredible tool for recording guitars in the studio, the Palmer PDI03 (available in 8ohm and 16ohm versions) is a flexible, professional unit that can also find a good home in live rigs. The PDI03 combines 4 essential guitar tools in a single, 1U 19" rack mount unit: DI box, load box, signal splitter and speaker simulator.

The Palmer PDI03 should be connected directly to the output of a guitar amplifier and can handle a maximum power output of 100W. From there, the only limit is your imagination. You can start by feeding a balanced output directly to your mixer or interface with world-class speaker simulation that features 9 different presets. There are 2 3-way controls which combine to give you those 9 incredible voicings:

  • DEEP/NORMAL/FLAT: DEEP emulates the tight, controlled low end punch of a closed back cabinet, while FLAT produces the airiness of an open backed cab.
  • MELLOW/NORMAL/BRIGHT: MELLOW emulates the classic 'singing' tones of a vintage American speaker, while NORMAL generates the grainy bite to the upper mids associated with British speakers and BRIGHT adds a clarity and transparency to rhythm parts or the cutting edge to lead lines.

  • The PDI03 also offers 4, parallel outputs unaffected by the speaker sim, allowing you to send separate signals out to othher efects units, track the guitar line for re-amping and basically anything else you might need! In addition to all this, attaching a speaker cab will disengage the internal load to allow for live monitoring. Needless to say, any cabinet attached to the Palmer PDI03 needs to have the correct impedance to match both the PDI03 and ther amplifier output.

    Both the filtered speaker sim output and the parallel line out levels are controlled by volume knobs for each section on the front of the unit.

    • Product type: Speaker Simulators
    • Channels: 1
    • Input type: unbalanced
    • Inputs: 1
    • Input connectors: 6.3 mm jack
    • Output type: balanced , unbalanced
    • Outputs: 2
    • Output connectors: 6.3 mm jack , XLR
    • Output impedance: 10 k (6.3 mm Jack) Ohm(s) , 600 (XLR) Ohm(s)
    • Controls: filter volume , line out , voicing
    • Dummy load: Yes
    • Dummy load impedance: 16 Ohm(s)
    • Max. load: 100 W
    • Voicing filter: Yes
    • Power attenuator: no
    • Transformer isolated outputs: Yes
    • Cabinet material: sheet steel/aluminium
    • Cabinet surface: powder coated/anodized
    • Width: 480 mm
    • Width: 19 "
    • Depth: 180 mm
    • Height: 44.5 mm
    • Height: 1 U
    • Weight: 3 kg