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Palmer POCKET AMP ACOUSTIC Portable Preamp for Acoustic String Instruments

The POCKET AMP series from Palmer features 3 incredibly versatile, fully-featured, portable pre-amps designed to ensure you get your perfect tone no matter where you are: recording, gigging, rehearsing or practicing at home. This is the Palmer POCKET AMP ACOUSTIC.

The Acoutic Pocket Amp is designed specially to help you shape the tone of acoustic instruments and works perfectly with both piezo and magnetic pickups. The comprehensive set of controls start with a 3-way switch to tailor the Acoutic Pocket Amp for acoustic guitar, acoustic bass or magnetic pickups and go on through input gain, 3-band EQ with a swept mid, a notch filter to help combat any feedback, a blend control allowing you to mix between the dry signal and the processed, and a master volume. The rugged stomp switch can be used either as a traditional bypass, switching between your direct signal and th eprocessed output, or as a mute switch which allows for silent tuning using the THRU output. There's also a 3-position voicing switch giving you options for no colouration at all (FLAT), a bright, crisp, airy sound with a good dose of presence (MODERN), and warm, round tone (VINTAGE).

For maximum funtionality the Acoutic Pocket Amp features a host of options. On the front panel, you find the input with a switchable -12dB pad and an integrated limiter to prevent transient distortion. There is also a headphone output, auxiliary input (ideal for practising) and a THRU output to feed your dry signal out to a tuner, second amplifier or whatever your setup needs. The rear panel houses an XLR balanced DI output complete with ground lift to combat hum (switchable to be pre- or post-processing), an amplifier output, a phase switch, and even an insert jack for an FX loop, allowing you really push the boundaries or your creativity. This is where you'll also find the standard 9V DC input - although you can also power the Acoutic Pocket Amp with a standard 9V PP3 battery.

Like all the amps in the POCKET AMP series, the Acoutic Pocket Amp is contained in a portable, lightweight and strong die-cast aluminium enclosure for long life in unforgiving environments. The result is an incredible sound-shaping pre-amp for acoustic instruments ocmpatible right out of the box with amplifiers, PA systems, studio setups and more.

  • Versatile acoustic preamp for instruments with piezo and magnetic pickups
  • Compatible with instrument amplifiers, sound reinforcement systems and recording mixers
  • Flat, Modern and Vintage sound mode switch
  • Input limiter, polarity switch and notch filter
  • 3-Band EQ with semi-parametric mid control
  • Blend control for wet and dry signal mixing
  • 3-pin XLR for balanced DI, pre or post signal processing switchable
  • Footswitch-assignable tuner output
  • Insert, stereo line input and ground lift

    • Product type: Guitar Effects
    • Type: Preamp
    • Inputs: 2
    • Input connectors: 6.3 mm jack
    • Input impedance: 1M Ohm(s)
    • Outputs: 4
    • Output connectors: 6.3 mm jack
    • Output impedance: 100 Ohm (XLR) / (TRS) - 500 Ohm(s)
    • Controls: Bass , Blend , Di , footswitch , Gain , highs , Mid , mid frequency , Mode , Notch , Style , volume
    • Indicators: on/off , peak , Signal
    • Operating voltage: 9 V block , 9 V DC power supply
    • Cabinet material: Die-cast aluminum
    • Width: 100 mm
    • Depth: 100 mm
    • Height: 55 mm
    • Weight: 0.41 kg
    • Features: FX loop

    No upgrades available