Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional DJ Headphones

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Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional DJ Headphones

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Stock expected March 2024

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Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional DJ Headphones Overview

Professional-quality on-ear headphones for DJs with an ultra-comfortable lightweight design, robust construction and high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Light Form Factor

With their HDJ-CX headphones, Pioneer DJ have revolutionised what can be expected from a pair of affordable DJ cans. Any discerning disc jockey will appreciate the HDJ-CX headphones’ supreme comfort and light weight during a long set. The impressive 136g weight (without the cable) is due to an innovative ergonomic design. Pioneer DJ have carefully considered every element of the HDJ-CX DJ headphones to optimise wearing comfort and reduce the weight burden on your neck, head and shoulders. A prime example is the cable, which features a slimmer wire diameter to reduce weight whilst retaining its strength. Plus, the position of the cable’s curl has also been shifted nearer to the plug for superior weight balance. The HDJ-CX DJ headphones are so lightweight, that you’ll barely notice they’re there - even after several hours of use.

Comfy and Flexible Fit

As well as being super light on your head, the HDJ-CX headphones feel great thanks to the weight balance of the housing and headphone. The head cushion’s thickness and width have also been ergonomically adjusted for a consistently optimal fit.

Durable Construction

Despite the superb wearing comfort offered by the HDJ-CX headphones, Pioneer DJ haven’t compromised on durability. These are rugged headphones built to withstand the rigours of regular and intensive use. Pioneer DJ use a tough stainless steel material and a ladder-like structure with slits for the headband, guaranteeing maximum sturdiness, high flexibility and resistance to twisting. The headband’s handy coin-lock swing mechanism lets you switch between monitoring tasks with ease. Like all Pioneer DJ headphones, the HDJ-CX headphones undergo the rigorous US Military Standard MIL-STD-810H Shock test to ensure peak toughness.

Superb Isolation

When it comes to hearing your mix and isolating you from background noise during a set, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX professional headphones are second-to-none in their price range. The multiple materials layered within the HDJ-CX’s housing work the same way as ear protectors, ensuring efficient isolation when wearing the headphones over both ears. The housing is also outfitted with two bass reflex-type chambers that enhance low-frequency response and sound insulation.

Tight and Clear Sound

Tight, clear sound quality, wide frequency range (5 Hz to 30 kHz) and outstanding bass characteristics are handled by the newly-developed PEEK-PU-PEEK composite film diaphragm. To break down the PEEK-PU-PEEK diaphragm, it's a triple-layered design with PU (polyurethane) resin sandwiched between PEEK (polyether ether ketone) resin. The sonic clarity that the PEEK film provides makes beat matching a breeze, as it gives you an accurate picture of your mix’s kick and snare sounds. Plus, the PEEK film’s high rigidity and low internal loss combined with the φ35mm driver units minimise sound distortion at higher input levels.

Whilst you’re in the booth, you’ll likely be running your headphones at a very high volume to properly hear your mix. That’s why the HDJ-CX’s drivers harness the input power to achieve 2,000 mW, so you can push them hard and experience very little distortion.

Fully Equipped

In addition to the HDJ-CX headphones themselves, Pioneer DJ include useful accessories that improve their longevity and let you adapt them to different listening contexts. In the box you receive a 3m coiled cable that’s suited for pro DJ and studio use, a straight 1.6m cable for casual and on-the-go listening, a pair of replacement ear pads and a handy 1/4" plug holder to keep your adaptor secure during a performance.

With their exceptional wearing comfort, tight insulation and affordable price point, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX headphones are sure to become a mainstay of many professional DJ’s arsenals.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 28/6/2023

Great sound nice to get spares with the original purchase


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