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The Presonus AudioBox iOne is a lightweight and tough portable Audio Interface, ideal for musicians, Podcasters, Singers, Field Recorders and more who want to record high-quality audio at home or on the move.

Its USB 2.0 bus-powered system results in plug and recordability right out the box.
Power up the interface via your computer, plug in your microphone and instrument and thanks to AudioBox iOne’s powerful Class-A mic preamps, you are ready to get recording using the included Studio One Artist software for Mac and Windows or Capture Duo recording software for iPad.

Record high-quality clean audio thanks to the AudioBox iOne’s 24-bit, 96 kHz digital converters whilst the crystal clear headphone output allows you to hear in detail how you sound with zero latency or interference.

Weighing in at just 0.63KG this audio interface excels in portability without compromising on rigidity and build quality thanks to its all-metal chassis, sitting comfortably on your desk, lap or any small surface, the AudioBox iOne essentially allows you to record wherever you find yourself!

Can I record anywhere with this interface?

If you are travelling with a laptop or iPad and the provided USB 2.0 cable, you can plug in your microphone and guitar and record in any location you wish thanks to the AudioBox iOne’s compact and lightweight design. Furthermore, you can wirelessly transfer your recordings directly from your iPad to a Mac or PC running Studio One!

Can I edit and mix my recordings with everything provided?

Yes! The included Studio One Artist software for Mac and Windows or Capture Duo recording software for iPad are quick and simple to install and allow you to record, mix and edit your audio as you see fit. Additionally, you can construct entire songs using Studio One Artist’s professional-quality plug-ins, virtual instruments, sounds, and loops.

Will the AudioBox iOne be able to power my microphone and guitar enough?

Yes, the AudioBox iOne’s Class A preamps and onboard 48V phantom power allow you to easily power your microphone, guitar or bass and get recording right away.

Are the recordings from the AudioBox iOne high quality enough to be used as final versions?

Absolutely, thanks to Presonus’ professional-quality, 24-bit converters that sample at up to 96 kHz, there is no quality lost between mic/guitar and interface.

I'm a podcaster, what if I need to record up to two microphones simultaneously during my recording session?

The AudioBox iOne has one XLR and one 1/4 inch jack input and therefore can record a single microphone and guitar only, however, the iOne's bigger brother the AudioBox iTwo features TWO combo mic and switchable line/instrument inputs which will allow you to record from two separate microphone sources, i.e for Interviews or recording multiple instruments.

Click here to learn more about the Studio One Premium Add-On Bundle - extra free software available for a limited-time!

  • Tightly Integrated Software, As You Expect from PreSonus:
  • -PreSonus is famous for its tightly integrated hardware/software solutions, and the AudioBox i series is no exception. Of course you get Studio One Artist. But we didn't stop there!
  • Studio One Artist Lets You Focus on Your Music:
  • -Like all PreSonus interfaces and digital mixers, the AudioBox iOne and iTwo come with our award-winning, all-muscle, no-bloat Studio One® Artist recording and production software for Mac® and Windows®. Studio One is incredibly easy to use thanks to its clear, straightforward, single-window design and powerful file browser with extensive use of drag-and-drop. As a result, you can record your inspirations quickly, without getting distracted by the tools. Tasks that would require multiple steps in other DAWs can be done in just one or two steps with Studio One.
  • In addition, Studio One Artist includes a wealth of professional-quality plug-ins, virtual instruments, sounds, and loops. If you want even more, there's a low-cost upgrade path to Studio One Producer and Professional. We could fill an entire Web site with information and videos about Studio One. In fact, we have!
  • Get it in your iPad too:
  • -Studio One Artist is excellent for Mac and Windows but you probably want to record on your iPad too. That's why we created free Capture™ Duo two-track recording software for iPad. Based on PreSonus' Capture live-recording software for StudioLive mixers, Capture Duo lets you record two stereo tracks using the AudioBox iOne or iTwo or any other iPad interface that supports Core Audio for iPad, including the iPad's built-in mic.
  • Because it's preconfigured for the AudioBox i series interfaces, which are class-compliant for the iPad (so they don't need drivers), you simply connect the AudioBox iOne or iTwo to your iPad, launch Capture Duo, and you're ready to record. If two tracks isn't enough, no worries! Just go to the App Store and purchase the low-cost, multitrack Capture for iPad. With Capture for iPad, you can record up to 32 tracks with 24-bit, 96 kHz fidelity.
  • Capture on iPad and Transfer to Studio One-Wirelessly:
  • -You read that right! With Capture Duo or Capture for iPad and an AudioBox i-series interface, you can record with your iPad, then wirelessly transfer your recordings directly from your iPad to a Mac or PC running Studio One. Then edit, sweeten, overdub, and mix with the power of a world-class DAW.
  • We've said many times that tightly integrated hardware and software helps you accomplish your musical goals in ways that hardware or software alone can't do. With AudioBox iOne or iTwo, Capture Duo/Capture for iPad, and Studio One, hardware devices and software apps are integrated in one seamless system so you can record and produce your music anytime and anywhere.
  • Go from Riff to Release with Nimbit:
  • -When you've finished mixing your masterpiece, it's time to get it out to the world-easily done with your included Nimbit Free account! Nimbit is the leading direct-to-fan service; it enables you to sell music and merch to your fans from beautiful storefronts in Facebook, Jango Internet Radio, PledgeMusic, and on your own Web site. Nimbit is international, too, so you can choose a language for your storefront and accept currencies from around the world.
  • Nimbit was designed to take care of the hard stuff, so you can stay focused on your music and your fans. It handles payment processing for your sales, and if you like, you can let Nimbit do warehousing and fulfillment for your physical goods. That's not even close to all it can do. Having put Nimbit to work for you, it's only natural to want to know how you're doing. Turn to your Nimbit Dashboard, which shows you analytics such as your direct sales and how many new fans you have. It's right there on Studio One's Start page.
  • PreSonus' award-winning analog signal processors and microphone preamps have long been popular among top professionals and home enthusiasts alike. So when you see the name PreSonus, you expect top audio quality-and the AudioBox i series delivers. The AudioBox iOne and iTwo deliver excellent audio performance, thanks to our newest, sweet-sounding Class A mic preamplifier and professional-quality, 24-bit converters that sample at up to 96 kHz.
  • Power amplifiers are classified primarily by the design of the output stage and are designated Class A, B, AB, D, G, or H. In a Class A preamp, the output circuits are always on for the entire cycle of signal swing or the bias current flows at all times. As a result, Class A preamps that use quality components, such as those in the AudioBox iOne and iTwo, have the most linear design, with the least amount of crossover distortion, and they deliver purer, clearer, and more musical results than the Class AB designs that are found in many preamps.
  • Great preamps are crucial to great sound but to get that pro sound, you also need outstanding converters. And to hear what you're doing, you need a headphone amp that keeps up with the rest of the design.
  • That's why PreSonus uses high-quality 24-bit, 96 kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters with 105 dB of dynamic range. The DACs feed a pair of balanced ¼-inch, line-level outputs and an ultra-loud, crystal-clear headphone output. If you can't hear yourself with an AudioBox i-series interface, you had better visit your audiologist for an ear exam or wait until that low-flying jet passes over. That is, unless you're sampling jet sounds. You can totally do that with AudioBox i-series interface, an iPad, and Capture Duo.
  • AudioBox iOne and iTwo are mobile interfaces in the best sense of the term. They can sit on a tabletop or fit in the pocket of a backpack or laptop bag and are powered by the USB bus, so you don't have to mess with a "wall wart" power supply or AC cord. And they're built to withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Built to Travel:
  • -We designed AudioBox iOne and iTwo to excel as mobile interfaces, so we built them to take a serious pounding and remain completely reliable. They're built like small tanks, with a metal chassis and knobs/jacks secured directly to the enclosure to reduce strain on the internal circuit board.
  • So toss the AudioBox iOne or iTwo in your backpack or laptop bag and take it along! Wherever your travels take you, your AudioBox i-series interface will be ready to perform.
  • The Finishing Touches:
  • -We could have stopped right there, but it's not our way to stop when we can give you even more. So we included an internal analog mixer with zero-latency monitoring, enabling you to monitor recorded tracks and overdubs with no annoying delay time. The iOne lets you use a 50-50 mix of recorded tracks and live input; the iTwo lets you create your own mix.
  • We included a Kensington key lock to keep your AudioBox i-series interface safe when you travel. And the iTwo has MIDI In and Out so you can use your keyboards and controllers. (The iOne is strictly an audio interface.)
  • So if you're looking for a simple, versatile recording interface with exceptional sound quality that works with a Mac, PC, and iPad, look no further than the AudioBox i series. Because sometimes a simple, well-made, well-designed solution is exactly what you need.
  • The AudioBox i series consists of two great 24-bit, 96 kHz mobile-recording solutions: the compact AudioBox iTwo and subcompact AudioBox iOne.
  • Both the AudioBox iOne and iTwo offer the features, high-end audio quality, and legendary PreSonus software integration that makes the i series special. Both are two-in, two-out audio interfaces with left and right balanced ¼" audio outputs and one headphone out.
  • Here are the differences:
  • -The iOne has one instrument input and one microphone input. It's perfect for a singer/songwriter who plays guitar or bass. The iTwo has two combo mic/instrument/line inputs, so it's the way to go for recording in stereo with mics or a keyboard and for capturing duets, such as two guitars, two singers, or guitar and bass.
  • -The iTwo has MIDI I/O; the iOne does not.
  • The iTwo also has a Mix knob that blends the live inputs with the return streams from the computer for zero-latency monitoring; the iOne has a fixed 50/50 low-latency monitoring blend using the Direct button. Finally, the iTwo is compact and lightweight but the iOne is even smaller and lighter-a subcompact, if you will. Otherwise, the features, capabilities, audio quality, construction quality, and included software of the two units are identical.



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    Does what it says on the tin

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    First class

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    Great product

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    I needed a digital interface to use a "malletStation" Midi mallet instrument. It was perfect for the job. If you use a mac, you will also need to get an additional cable as one supplied is for standard PC Usb

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    Very small mole to set up and use

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