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Protection Racket 8x8in Egg Shaped Power Tom Case

The Egg shaped cases fit both power toms and power toms with Rims.

All Protection Racket drum cases have been designed with the gigging drummer in mind. Every possible size is available for any combination of drum kit, with ease of use at the forefront of their design. Easy storage at gigs, super quick pack up time at the end, and a safe journey home, even if you are a bit worse for wear, you can be confident your drums wont be!

It's worth taking a tape measure to your drum and checking how far the mount is off the shell as some rims mounted drums will fit in standard cases. The yamaha Y.E.S.S & DW stn mounts are very snugg to the shell and will fit in standard cases as well as the Tama Starcast and premier ISO mounts.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to measure the diameter and depth of your drum correctly before ordering, feel free to contact us at the drum shop on 01273 665414 for further assistance.