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Roland Aerophone Series

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Roland Aerophone Range

Revolutionary digital wind instruments designed to introduce players to a whole new world of sound and creative possibilities.

The Aerophone is a digital solution for wind instrument players, offering a wide variety of modern sounds that have never been accessible to them before, as well as maintain the dexterity and traditional sound that you would expect from a wind instrument.

For years Guitarists, Keyboard Players and even Drummers have been able to enjoy a Digital Instrument to use for quiet practice, easier recording and the ability to be more creative with the sounds they’re able to use.

Thanks to Roland, the Aerophone range bring the traditional classical wind instrument to the future and making wind players better equipped for the modern musical world.

No matter which version of Aerophone to choose, you can play with headphones, meaning you can play silently and not disturb anyone when you are practising. They can also be connected to an external speaker/sound system, should you want to perform live or jam with other musicians and have their own speaker built-in for when you want to monitor yourself quietly. Each Aerophone can also be powered by either a power supply (AE-30 & AE-10 only), batteries or even a USB cable (AE-05 & AE-01 only).

Never disturb the neighbours again, with the ability to play with headphones, you can finally make up for those lost hours of not being able to practise quietly!

If you are a Saxophonist, you can get playing straight away with an Aerophone. Whether you opt for the flagship Aerophone Pro, which is the most accurate playing experience of the range, or the Aerophone GO, the most affordable and basic Digital Wind Instrument for Saxophonists, there is no need to adjust your playing technique. The key layout, fingering and built-in mouthpiece sensor (excluding the AE-01) allow you to play with all the expression and feel that you would experience when playing an acoustic saxophone. The mouthpiece even responds to your breath control, making the Aerophone expressive, dynamic and musical. The Aerophone range also offers a solution for recorder players, with the Aerophone Mini, which has a “free-blowing” operation that makes it perfect for beginners.

As well as providing you with a selection of traditional wind instrument sounds like saxophones, clarinet, flute, trumpet and violin, the Aerophone range also offers modern synth sounds. Many of the acoustic tones in the Aerophone Pro and AE-10 feature Roland’s SuperNatural technology, accurately mimicking the behaviour of the acoustic tone selected, whereas the Aerophone GO and Aerophone Mini are PCM based.

Synth sounds are usually unattainable for a wind instrument player, so now you can finally use the years you have spent mastering your playing technique to perform with new and exciting tones.

By opting to use an Aerophone, you are also unlocking a whole new world of recording possibilities. The Aerophone range has a built-in MIDI USB interface, enabling you to connect to your DAW to you use your Digital Instrument as a MIDI Controller/trigger soft synths that are on your computer with just a USB cable. You can even use the MIDI Output (AE-30 only) to sync with external hardware devices for even more sound options.

Each Aerophone has access to additional content via their own dedicated Smart Device.

The Aerophone Pro is compatible with Roland’s Zen-Core eco-system, which enables users to communicate and patch share between all of their Zen-Core compatible devices. The AE-10 has its own editing app, meaning you can customise the tones to your own preferences, whilst the Aerophone GO and Aerophone Mini each have their own sound expansion apps to widen the variety of playable tones, giving you access to over 50 sounds for each.

Each Roland Aerophone comes with a 3-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

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