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Roland AE-10 Aerophone Digital Wind Instrument

Here’s What Roland Say:
"The Roland AE-10 Aerophone is a revolutionary digital wind instruments designed for saxophone players which allows them to take advantage of a whole new world of sound and creative possibilities.

Featuring the same key layout and fingering technique as an alto saxophone, the AE-10 has over 128 built-in tones covering classic instruments like alto, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute and violin as well as modern synth sounds. Many of the acoustic tones feature Roland’s SuperNatural technology to accurately mimic the behaviour of the acoustic tone played.

The AE-10 also features an advanced breath sensor mounted in the mouthpiece which responds in the same way and acoustic saxophone would. This means you can play the AE-10 with exactly the same technique as you would do with an acoustic sax and take advantage of the new sound palate with the same level of control.

As well as a powerful instrument to play new sounds, the AE-10 can be a great practice instrument for saxophonists. The in-built speaker is perfect for personal practice, or use headphones to practice silently. You can power the AE-10 by either power supply or batteries, so you can play on the move carrying the instrument in the supplied case.

The AE-10 also features a USB connection for audio and midi, allowing you to play virtual instruments in your favourite DAW or record the sound of your performance into the computer. With the AE-10, saxophonists can take their creativity to a whole new level.

The Roland AE-10 Aerophone is available in two colours, White and Graphite, comes with a 3 year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage."

Overview By GAK

The Roland AE-10 has been one of the most popular Digital Wind Instruments we have seen from their spectacular Aerophone range. It is the first Aerophone that offers sounds from Roland’s world-renowned SuperNATURAL sound engine, as well as being the archetype for the range.

Designed with the saxophonist in mind, the AE-10 features the same key layout and fingering technique as an alto saxophone, as well as an advanced breath sensor mounted in the mouthpiece. When combining the expression of SuperNATURAL, the comfortable key layout and responsive mouthpiece, you can play the AE-10 with exactly the same technique/dexterity as you would do with an acoustic saxophone. The AE-10 offers over 128 built-in tones, covering 4 different saxophone types (alto, tenor, baritone and soprano), orchestral instruments (clarinet, flute, violin and more) and modern synth sounds.

The AE-10 has established the Aerophone range as a fantastic practice tool for saxophonists, as not only is there an in-built speaker to quietly monitor yourself, but also due to the fact it can be used with headphones to practice silently. As well as being a great practice solution, The AE-10 also unlocks the ability to play virtual instruments on your favourite DAW via USB MIDI.

As well as being substantially lighter than your average saxophone, the AE-10 can be powered by a power supply or batteries, so you can play on the move and travel with it easily. The AE-10 even comes with a dedicated carry bag.

For a completely wireless experience, pair your AE-10 with the Boss WL-20L Wireless System.

For users that require a more premium build quality, a more powerful version of SuperNATURAL, access to the Zen-Core engine, Bluetooth MIDI/Audio and physical 5-pin din MIDI ports, check out the Aerophone Pro.

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Overview By Roland

A collection of inspiring wind instruments with sax fingering and expressive breath control

Aerophone AE-10 is a digital wind instrument that lets you play sax, clarinet, flute, violin, synth sounds and many more. Since it supports traditional sax fingering, the AE-10 is instantly familiar to acoustic sax players, especially with a mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor that responds like an acoustic horn. The AE-10 also features 128* high-quality sound models including soprano and baritone sax, clarinet, trumpet, string instruments, and an array of expressive synth sounds. And the integrated speaker and battery operation mean that you can play these sounds anywhere. With built-in speakers, headphones for late-night practice, battery power capability, and DAW connectivity, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is the versatile, play-anywhere choice that supports you in every musical scenario.

*Version 3.0 software includes 128 tones, with 66 new tones to expand your repertoire

Soprano, alto, tenor, baritone sax sounds: all from one instrument

Nothing beats the sound of your favourite acoustic sax, but sometimes its tone might not be quite right for the job at hand. Whatever scenario you’re playing in, the Aerophone AE-10 has the onboard digital sax sounds you need. Choose from alto, tenor, soprano, and baritone sax types, all of which respond just like their acoustic counterparts. Playing dynamics, articulation, and even the organic overtone changes caused by your breathing are all reproduced thanks to Roland’s advanced SuperNATURAL modelling technology. A dedicated “Sax Section” layers four types of sax for playing together in unison, and you can pull off a seamless performance with the Full Range feature, which automatically switches between sax types by key range.

Explore other instruments including trumpet, tuba, violin and more

The Aerophone AE-10 also features sounds from other wind instruments including trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, and more. Powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology, which faithfully matches the behaviour of the originals, these sounds help to expand your musical range. Ethnic instruments like shakuhachi and erhu are on hand too, offering authentic pitch and tonal fluctuations that echo their acoustic counterparts. Aerophone AE-10 even includes stringed instruments such as violin, cello, and contrabass, each one capable of unique musical expressions since you control them by breath and fingering instead of bowing. Once you’ve tried the individual sounds, you can create one-man ensembles by layering multiple wind instrument sounds with the Brass Section setting. The AE-10 is also packed with a selection of the latest synth sounds that are specially tailored for wind instrument performance with fully optimized breath control.

Start playing immediately with traditional sax fingering and a responsive breath sensor

You’ve worked hard to nail your sax technique, but most digital horns make you master a new fingering system, which can be a major setback. With the Roland Aerophone AE-10, it’s a smooth transition, thanks to a layout that’s similar to your favorite acoustic sax—right down to the left-hand octave key. Plus, the AE-10 has a sensitive mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor that also functions as a bite sensor, allowing expressive techniques like vibrato and pitch. Even beginners will be able to enjoy playing the various onboard sounds straight away.

Practice any time day or night, using acoustic saxophone fingering techniques

With the same layout as an acoustic sax, Aerophone’s key positions and fingering were developed by referencing world-famous saxophones. The high-resolution mechanical buttons mean that the feel of the fingering is comparable to playing an acoustic saxophone.

Although Aerophone’s key layout and fingering is clearly influenced by the acoustic sax, there are several subtle differences. Aerophone does not support a high F# key - instead, a Tf key is available, and its keystroke is slightly shallower than on an acoustic sax. Also, the distance between the left hand and right hand is similar to that of a soprano sax, which has a shorter distance compared with Alto/Tenor saxophones. This shorter distance may feel unfamiliar if you haven’t played a soprano sax before, although it soon becomes second nature.

Aerophone’s key layout on the rear is also compatible with the acoustic sax. Aerophone has four rear-mounted octave keys that cover a wide range of pitches. For the sax sounds, the default octave key setting is +1-octave. For other sounds, the default four-key setting is +/-2. These key settings let you play across +1, +/-2 or +/-3 octaves for all sounds, including the sax sounds, to fit your playing style.

Play anytime and anywhere with onboard speakers, battery power, and headphones

Wherever and whenever you play, the portable and lightweight Roland Aerophone AE-10 is ready. Six AA batteries provide mobile power, and onboard monitor speakers deliver comfortable sound for intimate performing situations. You also have the ability to directly connect to a PA or amp for broader coverage, eliminating the need to use a mic. When you need to cover large instruments like tuba and bassoon, the battery-powered Roland CUBE Street EX is a great companion, giving you big sound in a portable package. Playing sessions are even more fun when you connect to your smartphone via the Aerophone AE-10’s stereo mini jack and jam along with favourite songs. And thanks to the headphones option, you can play around the clock without disturbing family members and neighbours.

An all-new digital instrument with traditional sax fingering.

The new Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a trailblazing digital wind instrument that fuses a traditional saxophone fingering system with a library of onboard acoustic and synth sounds, plus a breath sensor that reacts just like your favourite acoustic horn. US-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist Masego explores the expressive capabilities of the AE-10’s alto sax sound.

A variety of realistic acoustic instruments and award-winning synths.

There’s nothing worse than a studio session grinding to a halt because you need an instrument that you haven’t brought along. That won’t happen with the Aerophone AE-10, as it features 40 acoustic and synth sounds, all powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology for natural and accurate response. US-based DJ and multi-instrumentalist Masego explores some of the AE-10’s onboard sounds while accompanied by an original backing track.

A classical-style ensemble with the AE-10 Aerophone and various acoustic wind instruments.

Regardless of the sound you use, the Aerophone AE-10 provides a paralleled level of expression suitable for any genre of music. UK-based saxophone player Alistair Parnell, accompanied by the Equinox Saxophone Ensemble, layers onboard synth lead sounds with external synth sounds in an extract from Nigel Wood’s “Partial Eclipse” for solo wind synth and wind ensemble (www.saxtetpublications.com).

Play anywhere and anytime with onboard speakers, battery power, and headphones.

Wherever and whenever you play, the portable and lightweight Aerophone AE-10 is ready. Onboard monitor speakers deliver comfortable sound for intimate performing situations and six AA batteries provide convenient on-the-go power. The AE-10’s mobility is spotlighted in this open-air performance by the Japan-based trio sax triplets.

A unique solo performance featuring the AE-10 Aerophone with a DAW.

While the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a powerful standalone instrument, it also lets you get creative with external gear. You can connect to a computer via USB to play soft synths and external MIDI sound modules through your DAW, with breath control providing a world of unique expression not possible with keyboard synthesizers. In this performance, Spanish sax player Llibert Fortuny mixes the AE-10’s onboard sounds with soft synths and backing loops from Ableton Live.

Jam with favorite tunes on your smartphone

Playing sessions are even more fun when you connect a smartphone or music player to jam along with favourite songs. Your device connects to the stereo mini-jack input on the Aerophone AE-10 and plays through the onboard monitor speakers or connected headphones.

Breath control brings unique expressive possibilities to your music productions

While the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a powerful standalone instrument, it also lets you get creative with external gear. You can connect to your computer via USB to play soft synths and external MIDI sound modules through your DAW, with breath control providing a world of unique expression not possible with keyboard synthesizers.

Customize your Aerophone for maximum expression

The Aerophone Editor is a free iOS app for the Aerophone AE-10 that lets you adjust tones, set various playing parameters, and organize tone lists. You’re able to deeply customize sounds and functions with parameters only available in the app, and easily create tone lists for different performance and practice situations. Via a convenient interface, you have access to four tone layers, various controller assignments, effects settings, and more. The Aerophone Editor is a must-have tool to perfectly tailor your Aerophone AE-10 for your own personal playing style.

  • Digital wind instrument with flexible onboard sounds
  • Fingering compatible with an acoustic saxophone
  • Mouthpiece features sensitive breath sensor with reed structure for friendly playing feel and control over techniques like vibrato and pitch
  • Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL sound technology reproduces the subtle tonal nuances produced with dynamics and articulation
  • Realistic and expressive saxophone sounds include soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone, all instantly transposable to any key with no fingering stress
  • Wide variety of additional acoustic sounds include wind instruments (clarinet, flute, and trumpet) and string instruments (violin)
  • Roland’s latest synth sounds on board, optimized for breath control
  • Easy operation with display for selecting sounds and settings
  • Onboard monitor speakers and headphones output for playing anytime, anywhere
  • Battery operation (6 x AA) for up to seven hours of continuous play
  • Easy connection to a computer DAW via USB
  • Input for connecting a smartphone or music player for playing along with backing music
  • With version 3.0 software, 128 tones are available including 66 new tones
  • Key Layout - Saxophone compatible
  • Sound Generator - SuperNATURAL acoustic, PCM synthesizer
  • Preset Memory - Tones: 128 (*Version 3.00)
  • User Memory - Tones: 100
  • Effects
  • - Multi-effects
  • - Chorus
  • - Reverb
  • Controllers
  • - Breath sensor
  • - Bite sensor
  • - Performance keys
  • - Octave keys
  • - Thumb controller
  • - Tone button
  • Display - Custom LCD
  • Connectors
  • - INPUT jack: stereo miniature phone type
  • - PHONES/OUTPUT jack: stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • - USB COMPUTER port (supports USB MIDI)
  • - DC IN jack
  • Internal Speakers
  • - 2.8 cm x 2
  • - 1.5 W x 2
  • Power Supply
  • - AC adaptor (DC 5.7 V)
  • - Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) (sold separately) x 6
  • Current Draw - 418 mA
  • Battery life for continuous use (differs depending on the conditions of use)
  • - Rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries: approximately 7 hours (When using batteries having a capacity of 1,900 mAh.)
  • * Carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries cannot be used
  • Accessories
  • - Owner's manual
  • - AC adaptor
  • - Mouthpiece cap
  • - Neck strap
  • - Band
  • - Dedicated hand carry bag
  • Options (sold separately)
  • - Replacement Mouthpiece
  • - Width - 128 mm, 5-1/16 inches
  • - Depth - 93 mm, 3-11/16 inches
  • - Height - 574 mm, 22-5/8 inches
  • - Weight - 855 g, 1 lb. 15 oz. (including batteries)



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