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Just as the CUBE guitar-amp family received an XL upgrade, now it's time for the CUBE BASS line to reach XL status. The new 120XL/60XL/20XL BASS amplifiers remain portable and travel friendly, a CUBE tradition, but they benefit from new-generation XL performance enhancements. These new amps deliver a knock-out punch with custom FFP and COSM technology. FFP is one of Roland's core technologies in which each component ' amp, cabinet, and speaker ' achieves maximum efficiency and performance for incredible power from a compact body. And there's more to the XL BASS story: Check out the wicked new COSM amps and effects and, another world's first, built-in Looper for constructing stacks of sound in real-time!

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  • "¢ Compact 60-watt bass amp with custom-designed 10-inch coaxial speaker
  • "¢ Dual custom-designed Air Flow Port for deep bass and punchy sound
  • "¢ Eight COSM amp models, including the new SUPER LOW amp
  • "¢ Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE
  • "¢ SOLO function with memory for use as a second channel
  • "¢ POWER SQUEEZER for big, rich sound at low volumes
  • "¢ Phrase Looper onboard for sound-on-sound recording with unlimited overdubs
  • "¢ Three-band EQ for fine-tuning your sound
  • "¢ Built-in chromatic bass tuner with drop tuning support

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  • Green. Jonathan


    I think that this amp will excel best in a studio environment. I like the fact that a user can call up a very good selection of different bass tones quickly via a control knob. One does not have to trawl through endless menus etc. There is however, one badly thought out feature of this amp, and that is the DI output. There is a 3 pin XLR socket on the rear of the amp from which is available a low impedance balanced line out, BUT, the signal from here is pre EQ. I fail to understand why, having ready access to such a great range of tones, you would want a flat output to the mixer/recorder/PA etc. There is a 1/4 inch jack line out next to the DI, which is post EQ, but it’s an unbalanced, high impedance output, so in order to send a post EQ, balanced, low impedance signal to the PA etc, you still need a separate DI box. The amp will work well in a live situation where all the backline is plugged into the PA and the drums are mic’d, and a good monitor rig is available but, for use in a traditional, pub style gig where the PA is just for the vocals and the guitars etc are running just of the backline this amp will be way out of its depth. There is simply nowhere near enough depth of bass and projection necessary for such a set up. Perhaps if an extension speaker output were available it would work fine, because the actual tone is great. The may possibly not sound quite as sweet as the old cube 30 bass amp. I think overall Roland have done a good job with the design of this amp. The different tones are all very good and quick and easy to access. I advise anyone considering buying one to try it out first, and think about where you intend to use it.

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