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Roland V-Drums
Roland V-Drums

Roland V-Drums

The complete collection of Roland’s pioneering and groundbreaking Electronic Drum Kits.

Roland V-Drums cover all the available options for buying Roland Electronic Drum Kit. They incorporate everything from beginners drum kits, intermediate practise kits, professional gigging kits and even elite level touring/studio drum kits.

V-Drums come in two options, the Roland TD Series or Roland VAD Series.

Whether you opt for a TD-Series V-Drums kit or a VAD V-Drums kit, Roland guarantee incredibly realistic playability, high-quality performance and exceptionally intuitive technologies. Whichever electronic drum kit you go for, it’s safe to say that Roland V-Drums will come up in your search and here’s why.

Why Choose V-Drums?

There are 6 different sound modules across the V-Drums Range, each having numerous different pad configurations to cater for every specific drummer’s needs. The Drum Module is the brain behind each different V-Drums kit, housing all the technologies and capabilities that a specific V-Drums kit has. You’ll also see “VAD” or “TD” at the beginning of each prefix, outlining what range of V-Drums you are looking at.

Roland V-Drums Modules:

TD-50X | TD-50 | TD-27 | TD-17 | TD-07 | TD-1

Roland VAD Series
Roland TD Series

Roland V-Drums represent premium design and quality, making their electronic drum kits/modules some of the most sought after electronic drums on the market. With 17 full kits available, in a massive range of formats, they have something available for every type of player.

Whether you need your very first drum kit to get started on, something to practice on at home that feels/sounds like an acoustic drum kit, something lightweight and portable that can easily be packed down and stored neatly, the ultimate kit for recording or looking for a kit to take on tour with a rugged build to survive the rigour of the road - Roland have you covered. Each Roland V-Drums kit offers flawless acoustic drum simulation/feel, an extensive bank of sounds and market-leading technology.

Each Roland V-Drums Kit comes with a 3-year warranty on the module and 1-year on the pads/accessories when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

All V-Drums Kits boast the lowest latency on the market - at just 2.6ms.

Latency is the time it takes to hear the sound in your headphones/drum monitor from the time you strike the head. Whenever you play an electronic drum kit, regardless of the brand, they all work in a similar way. The drummer hits a pad, the piezo trigger within the pad picks up the vibration and that travels through a cable that is connected to the back of the sound module. The module then needs to work out which pad the drummer played, how hard they played and what position (on selected modules compatible with positional sensitivity) on the pad they hit it. The module then works out all of that information and sends it to your headphones or drum monitor - in just 2.6ms!

Low latency is incredibly important when using your V-Drums kit as a MIDI controller with a DAW on your computer. No matter which V-Drums kit you opt for, each provides a single-cable recording solution via USB. Once plugged in, simply install the right USB Driver from the Roland website, plug in your USB Cable (sold separately) and open your preferred DAW to get recording with ease!

Play Along To Your Favourite Songs

V-Drums enable drummers to perform with their favourite artists, as each module has an input to connect your preferred media player, so you play along to your favourite tracks. The TD-07, TD-17 and TD-27 even have Bluetooth technology, allowing you to wirelessly stream to the module, so you can do away with messy cables.

Depending on the V-Drums kit you choose, many of them allow you to load in your own samples, giving you the platform to be as creative as possible.

Roland Melodics Banner

Upgradable and Expandable

Roland doesn’t stop there, as each Roland V-Drums kit can be expanded in some way, so if you find yourself needing an extra cymbal or tom pad or even decide to upgrade your pads to their more premium pad offerings, each V-Drums module is compatible with almost every pad Roland offer*.

*Digital V-Drums Pads and VH-13 Hi-Hats are only compatible with TD-50X, TD-50 & TD-27 powered V-Drums kits.

Everything You Need Straight Out The Box

We have made bundles for each Roland V-Drums kit ensuring you have everything you need to get playings drums from the moment to receive your new kit.

Whether you need a package of basic accessories to get you started or longer-lasting more durable Roland Hardware, the right package for your needs can be found on each product listing.

Drums Are Made To Be Heard

Why not add a Roland Drum Monitor to your V-Drums setup when using headphones isn’t enough? Roland’s fantastic range of V-Drums Monitors gives V-Drums users the ability to hear themselves out loud, which is perfect for jamming/rehearsing with other musicians, as on-stage monitoring, using at small gigs or showing off your amazing talent to family and friends.

Check out the Roland V-Drums Ranges:

VAD Series | TD Series

>> Below is a list of the full Roland V-Drums range. <<

Roland V-Drums


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