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Roland Digital Pianos
Roland Digital Pianos

Roland Digital Pianos

Designed with the Piano player in mind, focused on the most realistic sound reproduction and piano playing experience.

Roland Digital Pianos are one of our ideal recommendations for anyone that is looking for an alternative to the Acoustic Piano. The Digital Piano easily fits into your home and features internal speakers, which have volume control and can even be used with headphones for near-silent practice.

Whether you are looking at a Grand, Upright or portable/slimline Piano, Roland have the perfect model to suit your needs.

Roland Digital Pianos come in 9 ranges:

GP, LX, HP, KF & DP Series Pianos all come with a 10-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

RP, F, FP & GO Series Pianos all come with a 2-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

A Sound Engine Like No Other

No matter which Roland Digital Piano you choose, they guarantee a groundbreaking natural sounding piano engine and an action that makes you think you’re sat at an Acoustic Piano. They do not require any maintenance and permanently stay in tune - unless you don’t want them to!

In-Built Speakers

Each Roland Digital Piano offers an inbuilt speaker system, enabling it to be heard as soon as you sit at the instrument and power it on. The Roland GP, LX and HP range automatically power on the moment you open the lid (and powers off upon closing), for a truly acoustic-like experience. Using the internal speakers is a useful tool for when you are playing alongside a student/tutor or participating in a duet. It’s also fantastic for providing an accompaniment to other musicians, and if you opt for the FP or GO range, using at small gigs/performances. Inbuilt speakers are a brilliant way to remain in control of the volume of your instrument, plus when you need to play silently, every Roland Digital Piano can be used with headphones. Many Roland Digital Pianos can even be used with two pairs of headphones, perfect for silent duets and 1-2-1 lessons.

Premium Actions

Whether you opt for the introductory Roland GO range or the flagship/premium GP/LX/HP ranges, each Roland Digital Piano offers a Weighted Key Action. This means that each model offers more resistance through the keystroke, making piano techniques far more comfortable to play than a keyboard/synth action. The Roland GO Series have a semi-weighted action, where all other Roland Digital Pianos feature an individually weighted and graduated hammer action with escapement. Flagship models even offer hybrid-wooden keys, providing Roland’s most accurate feel to date.

Many models within the Roland Digital Piano range also support Bluetooth audio, allowing you to play along to your favourite songs as if you were in the band.

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Why Roland?

Throughout Roland’s prestigious history, they have continuously innovated and revolutionised the Digital Piano. Many of their groundbreaking technologies have become essential features on almost every modern Digital Piano, regardless of brand. Fundamentally Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos are manufactured in completely different ways, whilst trying to achieve the same experience. Roland has concentrated all their efforts into the Digital Piano, delivering on the acoustic playing experience that piano enthusiasts desire. Roland has not only provided a traditional piano-playing experience, but they have also implemented technologies that have revolutionalised the Piano forever.

Roland has always been proud of their history and they have used their years of passion and experience to ensure that all their current Digital Pianos innovate once again. Roland has utilised Bluetooth technology to bring the Digital Piano to the future, by allowing users to communicate wirelessly with their Smart Devices.

Roland is renowned for co-developing MIDI technology, a protocol that allows third party instruments and computers to communicate with each other. MIDI has become an essential feature to the modern musician, meaning you can seamlessly integrate with live and studio setups alike. By introducing Bluetooth to the Digital Piano market, the industry-standard MIDI protocol is now able to be used wirelessly also.

Innovation Doesn’t Happen Overnight
Having knowledge and experience in both music and technology through years of painstaking research and testing, Roland develops digital pianos powered by innovative technologies for the ultimate playing experience.

  • '73 - With their first attempt, the Roland revolutionised the electric piano with the EP-10, introducing an all-electronic, oscillation-based, piano engine.
  • '74 - On their second attempt, the EP-30 was the world’s first-ever electronic piano, featuring a touch-sensitive keyboard.
  • '83 - Roland co-developed MIDI, introducing the very first Digitial Pianos to feature this technology, the HP-300 and HP-400.
  • '87 - Utilising Roland’s SA (Structured Adaptive) technology from the RD-1000 Stage Piano, the HP-5600S/HP-5500S/HP-4500S/HP-3000S Home Pianos came equipped with this revolutionary sound engine.
  • '01 - The HPi-5 introduced a new way of practising the piano with DigiScore, a notation display with automatic page-turning for the built-in piano songs.
  • '03 - With a depth of just 30 cm and a flat top with the lid closed, the stylish DP-900 Designer Piano instantly became a big hit.
  • '09 - Roland reinvents piano sound technology with a modelling-based digital instrument that used no sampling whatsoever, the V-Piano.
  • '14 - The HP-508/506 employed Multi-Channel Speaker Systems to acoustically project the different physical elements of the piano sound through dedicated speakers within the cabinet for the first time.
  • '15 - Roland unveils the next generation digital piano, the LX-17. Introducing wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing MIDI and Audio connection between the Piano and compatible Bluetooth devices.

Pair your Roland Digital Piano with the perfect Piano Bench by following this link.

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Roland Digital Pianos