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Roland FP Series
Roland FP Series

Roland FP Series

Premium Portable Digital Pianos - Perfect for use at home or transporting to lessons, small gigs and rehearsals.

The Roland FP Series comes in 4 different variants to cater for any piano player. Whether you need the most accurate acoustic piano-like feel or something slim/compact to fit in the tightest of spaces, the FP Series has a digital piano to best fit your needs.

Roland’s flagship portable digital piano, with no comprises on sound, feel, style or quality.

Premium features at a reduced weight and arguably the most cost effective in the range.

Rich in features, offering high-quality and exceptional value to any pianist.

The most affordable and introductory keyboard to Roland’s Premium Portable Digital Piano range.

All the Digital Pianos in the FP range comes with a Sustain/Damper Pedal, a Music Rest and Power Supply. There’s even a 3-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.

Whichever FP Series Digital Piano you opt for, exceptional quality and sound are guaranteed. These are the ideal option for users that need a piano for the home and those that take their piano to rehearsals, gigs, piano lessons or the studio.

As each FP Series piano has built-in speakers, they have established themselves as the go-to choice for pianists that perform at small venues, rehearsing with other musicians and do not want to transport a cumbersome PA System. Simply power on the keyboard, turn the volume up and you’re ready to go.

Keep the dust off your FP Series Digital Piano by adding a Roland KC Keyboard Cover.

When using the FP Series, you can place the Digital Piano on an optional fitted wooden stand that screws onto the base of the keyboard, making it look far more traditional, as well as providing a much studier solution than an X/Z type keyboard stand.

Upgrade the included single sustain (damper) pedal to a triple one (*excluding FP-10) if you require a Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft pedal configuration that a Grand Piano has. Selected models are also compatible with the portable Roland RPU-3 Triple Pedal Unit (FP-90X & FP-60X only).

Pair your Roland Digital Piano with the perfect Roland Piano Bench or get everything you need in one-click with our Roland FP Series Bundles.

Roland are one of our favourite Digital Piano manufacturers as our customers love the realism and accuracy of the feel and sound the FP Range provides.

The FP Series are the only Portable Digital Pianos that each come with a unique graduated hammer action which features individually weighted keys, escapement and ivory feel - just like a high-end Grand Piano.

A Digital Piano isn’t just something that “feels” like a piano, it also needs to sound like one. The FP Range does this with aplomb and goes even further by adding additional sounds to meet a wide variety of musical genres.

The piano engine in each FP Series Piano is powered by Roland’s proprietary modelling technology, which extends the dynamic range, captures the complex behavioural nuances of an acoustic piano and eliminates the “warble” users can experience when using a sample-based engine.

Whichever FP Piano you opt for, the sound has a “feel” that makes you more connected with your instrument. It’s almost as if they live and breathe like an acoustic piano.

As well as being realistic instruments, the FP Range has become synonymous for having groundbreaking technology, revolutionising the experience of playing the piano.

Each Digital Piano in the FP Series has Bluetooth technology, enabling you to wirelessly connect to your favourite Smart Device via MIDI. This unlocks the capability to interact with numerous apps available on the Android/Apple Stores. You can use educational apps to help you learn, use software-based instruments to expand the number of sounds you can perform and even use Roland specific apps like Piano Partner 2 (FP-10 only), Piano Designer and Piano Everyday (excluding FP-10).

Bluetooth can also be used to stream the audio from your desired Media Player to the internal speakers or headphones (sold separately) of your chosen FP Series Digital Piano (excluding FP-10) wirelessly. This means you can play along to your favourite songs as if you were in the band!

As well as the tremendously useful Bluetooth connectivity, each Digital Piano in the FP Range comes with a USB MIDI Interface and selected models have an inbuilt USB Audio interface from the same connector. This allows you to have a wired connection, that is class-compliant, (USB Cable sold separately) to your computer and experience super-fast latency for the best recording experience.

The Roland FP Range has managed to partner an exceptional piano playing experience with groundbreaking technology. Presented in a beautifully simple and easy-to-use format, with more buttons than it’s competitors, the FP Series is more intuitive to use, enabling you to concentrate on the playing rather than getting lost in how to navigate the settings menu.

For users that would like a fixed cabinet or upright style piano, with a built-in lid to protect the keys and many other upgrades, check out the Roland RP & F Series Digital Pianos.

If you do not require in-built speakers, check out Roland’s Stage Pianos or for users that would like to create their own compositions without a computer, check out Roland’s range of Workstations.

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Roland FP Series


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