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Roland GO Series

Roland GO Series

Portable lightweight powerhouse, simple to use and great sounds.

The GO series are the introduction to the Roland Digital Piano range. Made with the beginner pianist or keyboard player in mind, they all feature realistic sounds, a compact size and an easy-to-use layout.

This is where the amazing Roland Digital Piano experience begins.

The Range:

GO:Piano 88 | GO:Piano 61 | GO:Keys

Each Roland GO:Series Keyboard comes with a 3-year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

3 Variants To Suit Every Need

Whichever GO Series Digital Piano you opt for, each share groundbreaking technology for keyboards that sit at this price point.

Each GO Series keyboard has ivory feel semi-weighted keys, inbuilt speakers, Bluetooth MIDI and Audio connectivity and are able to be powered by batteries, though each comes with a power supply in the box.

These may seem like jargon, but each technology named above are essential to know about when purchasing a Digital Piano/Keyboard.

Semi-Weighted Keys With Ivory Feel

All models in the GO Series have been designed to recreate the feel of an acoustic piano, whilst still being portable and lightweight.

Whether you want the full-size 88 note keybed that features in a high-end Grand Piano or something smaller that fits in the home/transport more easily, the GO Series are a perfect choice.

Acoustic Pianos traditionally have keys that are made from ivory. The GO Series each have a textured coating to feel like ivory, yet absolutely no animal product has been used. The matte finish of the key grips to your finger much like they would when playing an acoustic piano. The coating that Roland use also absorbs the moisture from your fingertips, preventing your fingers from slipping off the keys.

The weighting of each key on the GO Series features a technology called “Semi-Weighting”. This means there is a slight resistance in the key to mimic the pivot of a piano action. Roland are revered as one of the best keybed manufacturers in the Digital Piano world, with ivory feel also featuring on their most luxurious piano models.

High-Quality Sounds

As well as feeling like a realistic keyboard, a good Digital Piano will also sound like it too. Roland have made some of the most sought after keyboard sounds in history, many of which can be found within the GO Series.

Whether you need Acoustic Pianos, Electric Pianos, Organs, Clavinets, Synthesizers, Strings, Orchestral, Guitars/Basses, Woodwind/Brass, Accordions, Sound FX or even Drums, the GO Series has a model to suit you.

By having 3 available versions, you can purchase the right GO Series Keyboard for you, with models with more specific sound sets for different applications.

The GO:Piano 88 is for the piano aficionado, the GO:Piano 61 is for the beginner pianist who may want to experiment with more sounds and users can even create their own songs with the GO:Keys for a Music Creation Keyboard.

Built-In Speakers

Perhaps the most important thing when playing any instrument is being able to hear it. This may seem obvious, though there are many keyboards on the market that do not come with speakers. The GO Series each come with speakers built-in, meaning all you have to do is power on the keyboard and you can start playing straight away.

Playing the sounds of your keyboard “out-loud” is a great feature for when you want other people to hear you play when performing with other musicians or during lessons with your music teacher.

There are occasions when a keyboard player will want to play without anyone else hearing them, which is also possible with each GO Series Keyboard. Simply plug in a pair of Roland Headphones (sold separately) and the speakers that are built internally to the GO Series Digital Piano will mute. You will then only be able to hear the keyboard via the headphones, meaning you won’t disturb anyone around you. Then, once you are ready to use the speakers once more, just unplug the headphones!

Play Your Favourite Music Wirelessly

One of the most exciting features of the Go Series is Bluetooth technology.

Each keyboard feature Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth Audio connectivity, allowing you to communicate with compatible Bluetooth devices.

With Bluetooth Audio, you can play along to your favourite songs, which stream from your Smart Device, and the sound is heard from the speakers (or headphones) of your Go Series Digital Piano. This is an amazing practice tool, as you can play along to your favourite music as if you were in the band. Bluetooth Audio means that there are no messy cables getting tangled in the action as you play, meaning it is completely wireless. You can also use the Bluetooth Audio technology to use a GO Series keyboard as your very own speaker to just listen to music if space is at a premium for you!

Bluetooth MIDI is different from the above and could be considered more important. MIDI is a technology that allows different MIDI-enabled devices to communicate with each other, usually with a bulky cable. With Bluetooth MIDI, you can wirelessly interact with apps on a Smart Phone or Tablet. This could be a learning app, SoftSynth, Recording App, Games or any app that supports Bluetooth MIDI.

When connected to a SoftSynth, you can play the sounds on the app with the keys of the Go Series keybed and the sound can even be routed back to the speakers of the keyboard via Bluetooth Audio.

Music Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere!

Not only is each Digital Piano in the GO Series slim, lightweight and built ready for the road, they also come prepared for the musician that needs to play the moment that inspiration strikes them.

Every model in the GO Series has the ability to be powered by batteries (sold separately) and each comes with a mains power supply. This means that you can take your GO Series keyboard anywhere you like and you can be playing music freely. Take it to the beach, a picnic, a bbq, go busking or use it as your very own Portable Speaker!

Here’s What Roland Say:
“GO Series are the most portable and lightweight keyboards in the Roland Digital Piano range. Which ever Go Series Keyboard you choose, each will suit travelling musicians, students and buskers, as they can all be powered by batteries. The inbuilt speakers mean you can instantly turn the keyboards on and get straight into playing. The GO Series act as an ideal practice tool for the bedroom or places where space is at a premium. The Bluetooth technology means that you can connect to your favourite Smart Device and play along to music and MIDI tracks or use it as a Bluetooth Speaker. Each Digital Piano in the GO Series comes with a 3-year warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.”

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