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The Roland LX Series

Luxury upright pianos, offering the most realistic playing experience across Roland’s Digital Piano ranges.

The LX Digital Piano series is Roland’s most elegant and realistic Upright Pianos ever. Playing an acoustic piano is an immersive experience that most pianists would say is two-way communication between player and instrument. The LX is designed for the piano enthusiast who demands this experience and is willing to compromise with their instrument.

Each piano in the Roland LX Range boasts the most advanced and realistic technologies to provide a Digital Piano that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding pianists.

The Range:

LX708 | LX706 | LX705

Each Piano in the Roland LX range comes with a 10-year warranty when registered with Roland Backstage.



Pure Acoustic modelling is Roland’s most advanced piano modelling engine ever. This is Roland’s 4th generation of piano modelling, a technology invented to consign to history the limitations and static nature of sample-only sound. Roland’s engineers realise that samples can only ever playback a captured sound, much like a photograph can only convey a scene captured at the time of the shooting. Like a photo, a sample can never evolve beyond the captured image/sound. The sound of Acoustic pianos evolves as various elements of the piano’s cabinet and frame influence the character of the tone. Complex engineering has lead Roland to recreate the way the Digital Piano sound evolves, including all the idiosyncrasies that make the experience of playing an acoustic piano special and unique.

The main benefit of having a modelled engine is the dynamic expression you can achieve whilst playing on an LX Model. The piano is renowned for exploring emotion due to how diverse the instrument can be when in the right hands. The LX Series invites the piano player to play emotively, using the full dynamic range of pianissimo to fortissimo. Pure Acoustic Modelling allows each LX piano to play with the most amount of expression possible, convincing you that you are sat at an acoustic piano. Whether you are captivating people with a delicate and intimate piece or blowing the audience away with the largest of symphonies, the LX range enables the pianist to express every musical nuance they feel.

There are two distinct Piano Models within the LX Series, American and European, each with two variations and endless editing capabilities. The American Piano is bright, bolshy and more astute to those playing pop, rock or modern musical styles, whilst the more mellow and fragile European Piano suits more intimate and classic musical applications. With variants of each, there is the perfect piano sound waiting for you with the LX Series and when utilising the piano-editing capabilities, you have the opportunity to create the most personalised piano sound of your dreams.

To hear the detail of the PureAcoustic Modelling, Roland has installed a multi-speaker Acoustic Projection System in each model. As you go up the range, the amount of speakers in each LX model increases, adding more detail to the piano sound. Individual pairs of speakers have been specifically assigned to project dedicated elements of the piano sound, creating a sound field that perfectly replicates the drama of sitting at an acoustic piano. With My Ambience, you can place the piano in a specific virtual environment, whether in a grand concert hall or a smokey jazz club around the corner. Roland’s attention to detail has again produced another ground-breaking technology, which models the acoustic environment of venues, studios and rooms.

As many pianists are looking for a silent solution to the loudness of an acoustic piano, every piano in the LX Series can be used with two pairs of headphones. The premium three-dimensional Headphone Preamp allows the player to experience the same piano-like field of sound the speakers create. The secondary headphone output allows you to duet, play along with a tutor or teach your students in silence.


Within the Roland LX series, there are two different actions available, both featuring a premium piano feel. Each version share hybrid wooden keys, meaning that the action is made of both wood and a composite material, has individually weighted keys, ebony/ivory feel, escapement and stabilising pins to prevent unwanted lateral movement. When paired with PureAcoustic Modelling, the action and detail of the sound engine work together to connect the piano player to each LX Series Piano.

Elegant Sophistication

Roland LX series is the perfect centrepiece for your home, offering a sophisticated and traditional looking cabinet, which has the elegance and beauty of an acoustic upright. Each version comes in a variety of different finishes, as well as increasing in height the higher up the range you go.

The LX708 is the grandest and largest Upright Piano in the Roland Digital Piano range, as well as featuring single-piece side panels and the most elegant look. It has all the flagship technologies inside, like Haptic Key Feedback, and is the perfect piano for the pianist that only wants the very best.

Modern Technologies

The Roland LX series features some of the most advanced technologies seen on a Digital Piano, without them interfering with what’s really important; the playing experience.


Bluetooth Technology enables you to stream your favourite music wirelessly to the piano, meaning you can play along or simply enjoy listening. You can utilise Bluetooth technology to interact with the free Piano Everyday App (and other third apps). The Piano Everyday app is a dedicated app for the Roland Digital Piano Range, allowing you to control the settings of the piano with the larger screen and touch interface on your Smart Device. You can view the sheet music of either the internal songs (Over 300) or from the integrated Sheet Music Direct library. You can also add rhythmic/melodic accompaniment styles, use Pianist Matching to suggest the next song for you to learn specifically based on your playing style and use the Flash Card game to refine your relative pitch and reading skills. You can even use the Piano Everyday App to keep an interactive diary that will automatically alert you to practise, records your previous sessions so you never lose any moments of inspired improvisation again, and encourages you to learn a song every week.

Computer Recording

One of the biggest pain points with Acoustic Pianos is recording them. To start with, you need a huge soundproof room, a collection of expensive studio microphones, cables, stands and preamps to connect each of the mics (plus the knowledge of where to place them and how to set them up). Roland LX take away all of this faff and provide a single solution for home-based producers. Simply plug any of the LX Models into your computer with a USB cable (sold separately) and your Roland Piano will transmit Audio and MIDI to your chosen DAW, as each version has its own Audio/MIDI interface. Partner this with the ability to fully customise the internal sounds of your piano or MIDI-trigger software instruments and your recording options become endless.

Pair your Roland LX Series Piano with a matching Piano Bench.

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