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Roland TD Series
Roland TD Series

Roland TD Series V-Drums

The complete solution to Electronic Drums. TD Series V-Drums feature a powerful sound module with realistic feeling pads, all housed on a compact and sturdy drum rack.

The “TD” in TD Series stands for “Total Drums”, as they are the “total solution” for purchasing an electronic drum kit. Each electronic drum kit in the TD V-Drums range is made with the same 3 main components; electronic drums/cymbal pads, a compact drum rack, and a drum module. All the sounds/technological capabilities for each option come from.

There are 5 different sound modules available in the TD Series, each having numerous different pad configurations to cater for every specific drummer’s needs. The number you’ll notice in each product name refers to the different versions available in the TD Series.


Roland TD Series V-Drums Modules:

TD-50X | TD-50 | TD-27 | TD-17 | TD-07 | TD-1

Each TD-Series V-Drums kit comes with an extended warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

Why Choose The TD Series?

The TD-50X is the flagship TD Series V-Drums kit, which has all of Roland’s most advanced and sophisticated features, many of which have set the standard for what is included in the rest of the range. Thanks to the groundbreaking developments that were brought to the world upon the release of the TD-50, all TD Series drum kits have the lowest latency on the market, at just 2.6ms. If you are someone that needs a touring-standard drum kit, with complete control of your drum tone live or in the studio and the ability to command the routing of multiple inputs/outputs, the TD-50X is where to look. The TD-50X is available in two different kit configurations, the TD-50KV2 and TD-50K2.

No matter which TD-Series V-Drums kit you go for, each version has the lowest latency on the market at just 2.6ms.

Sitting below the incredible TD-50X is the TD-27. This TD Series V-Drums kit is the perfect tool for any studio, boasting 28 individual channels over USB. Whether you opt for the TD-27KV or TD-27K, the different pad configurations available with the TD-27 sit on a more compact rack than the TD-50X, meaning if you haven’t quite got the space for the flagship version, there is still a solution for you.

In the middle of the range is the TD-17, which is one of the most popular electronic drum kits we stock. The TD-17KV range introduces the ability to load in your own samples and layer them with the module’s internal sounds, whereas the TD-17KVX is the first TD Kit to come with a VH-10 Hi-Hat System.

The Roland TD-07 introduces Bluetooth capabilities to the TD Series, allowing users to wirelessly stream the audio from their Smart Devices and play along with their favourite songs. Bluetooth can also provide a wireless MIDI connection, enabling users to sync with your Smart Device to trigger virtual instruments installed on your chosen DAW app. You can even use Bluetooth MIDI to use numerous third-party education apps to expand your learning. The TD-07 is also the first module in the range that allows users to customise and edit the module’s internal sounds, meaning drummers can build/refine their perfect drum sound.

The introductory range to the TD Series is the TD-1, which is the ideal choice for beginners. Whether you want as realistic a feel as possible from the all-mesh TD-1DMK, a portable/foldable version with the TD-1KPX2 or a compact kit to fit in the corner of a bedroom with the TD-1K, the TD-1 is the most affordable way to get your hands on a TD-Series V-Drums kit.

The Ultimate Drumming Experience

The Roland TD-Series allow drummers to play at home stress-free, as each kit can be used with headphones for near-silent practice. They also act as really useful gigging tools, thanks to each TD kit using a rack, making them easy to transport with minimal setup time once you get to your gig. Roland TD-Series kits even solve one of the biggest problems for drummers, which is recording. Rather than needing a dedicated soundproof room in a studio, geared up with hundreds of microphones and messy cables, V-Drums users can record with just one USB cable (sold separately).

To ensure you have everything you need for your TD-Series V-Drums, check out our bundle options.

If you would like to jam/rehearse with other musicians, hear yourself in live situations or perform at small gigs, pair your TD kit with a Roland Drum Monitor.

For a V-Drums kit that has the stage presence, look and feel of an Acoustic Drum Kit, check out the VAD - V-Drums Acoustic Design Series.

Roland VAD Series

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Roland TD Series


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